rolling over in night

I keep waking up throughout the night either on my tummy or my back. I fall to sleep on my side but can't stop myself from rolling over in my sleep. I wake up so akward and uncomfortable and often with a dead arm. Is it bad sleeping on my bump or on my back? Anyone else do this? x~x

fiona 17+1


  • hiya i think it is more your back for health reasons as you get further along, i dont think it harms baby in anyway to lay on your front i think it is more uncomfortable for you, i am always on my bloody back and DH has to nudge me and say roll over and i do, i have now tried the propping myself all around like a little nest with pillows but because i cant get comfty and keep turning over they are just getting in my way!!!

    chloe 33+4
  • Hi hun..yeah its when you're further along that's it's bad for baby and you. The weight of your uterus presses on an artery that can cause your blood pressure to drop, make you dizzy and reduce your heart rate....sound like a GP don't I?! It's just that I had a really bad night last night and am still dizzy this morning so have been reading up on it!
    I have a long pillow that I use ti support my front / back to stop me sleeping on my back and it works....although I'm still dizzy this morning so dont think it's that!
  • Sleep however you are comfortable, your baby will let you know if wants you to move. When I roll onto my right hand side I get a good kick in my ribs telling me to turn over!!!
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