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Breathless - isn't it a bit early?

Hi - is anyone else getting ridiculously out of breath from small things like climbing stairs? I'm only 15 weeks and just starting to be tight around the waistband and I find myself puffing away at the smallest exertion.

I used to be a smoker several years ago and continued to have about one or two a month socially until a month before I got pregnant but haven't had one since then (1st May this year). I haven't been this breathless since I used to smoke regularly back in 2007.

I've always been fairly fit and done a lot of exercise with no problem breathing so it's really getting me down. Is it normal so early on in pregnancy?


  • I'm 16wks tomorrow and have been finding walking up the stairs is making me breathless. I used to be 3st heavier and used to have the same thing but i think this is normal
  • yes, all normal. It's a tiring business this growing a baby business! image
  • I'm only 9 weeks and I'm already getting breathless! It's rubbish! Was a gym bunny before i got preggo though so probably just suffering from lack of excessive exercise! x
  • yeah it's normal. our blood volume increases fairly early in pregancy, so your heart is working harder to pump it all round. I was quite breathless a lot early on. found it got better in middle. but now near end with feet in my ribs feel quite breathless going up stairs etc again.
  • Phew, glad it's not just me. I was worrying it was some nasty result of 20 years' smoking!

    I'd breath a sigh of relief if I had any puff left!
  • was just about to reply to say the same as rangtang, sometimes breathlessness is a sign of anaemia, so my be worth getting ur iron levels checked out xx
  • Thanks guys. Will mention it to midwife and try and get more iron in my diet.
  • Thanks guys. Will mention it to midwife and try and get more iron in my diet.
  • glad im not the only one!
    i have been getting breathless and am 16 weeks pregnant so i guess it is normal!
    some days i get breathless just standing still for a period of time!!
  • I've also been getting a bit breathless recently and my asthma has been playing up. Ive been really bunged up too so that doesnt help either! Probably just a bit of a cold on top of the pregnancy side effects.

    H x

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