waters, plugs and contractions...

... I just got a text from my best mate telling me her waters broke last night, she lost some mucus plug this morning but no contractions yet. She said the hospital have said as long as her pad stays dry, don't worry yet.

Is this order of things normal? How long do they leave her lo without the waters before inducing?


  • normally 24 hours coz of the risk of infection
  • as I have found out from my thread on a recent thread, everone is different, some peoples water does not break till pushing stage but normally the hospital to say to time contractions, then go in, my friend had slow water break and they just said it was excess mucus, and sent her home,they normally say 24 hours before going back.. she should have really stayed in. x
  • She said it was a gush like you only see on TV! Then a bit of period-like cramping last night, then nothing. Now she says she's had some period-like cramping again over the past half hour.
  • I'd get her to call the hospital and ask for advice, they normally say to stay at home for as long as you can then when the contractions are closer to come back in, period like pains can be contractions, get her to time how frequent they are, then call back, you don't want to stay at home longer than 24 hours for fear of infection.. exciting times! X
  • id prob tell her to call the hospital. if her waters went last night they will prob want her in to bring on the contractions due to infection.
  • Is she sure she didn't wee!? I think you're waters usually trickle a bit (enough to wet a pad) for a while after they go, and it is easy to wet yourself by the end (also you can get a bit de-sensitised down there - so it might feel different). She wouldn't be the first to get them mixed up! image

    Also - I think that if they did go with a gush, then she should be checked out straight away - as there is a risk that the cord could get prolapsed? They should be able to tell straight away if it was her waters or not - and if it was then they will probably want to speed things up a bit (because of the risk of infection).

    but in answer to your question, labour can start in any order, for me, my plug went on Wednesday and my waters went on Sunday, I was then induced on Monday.image

  • My plug went 2 weeks before I had my ds and then I was in slow labour for a few days and my waters went when the mw examined me at 8cm! So can happen in any order hon x
  • g/c from baby.. my waters didnt break, they were broken for me even though i thought they had. i thought they were trickling.. but it turned out to be discharge!! tmi, sorry! lol had my plug at 6pm and at 6am the next morning i was holding dd image

    good luck with it all girls!
  • She's been taken in to be induced, apparently.... watch this space...
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