Sorry TMI swollen lips??? :\?

I'm talking about the ones down there!
I was feeling mine the other day and thought they felt a little bigger as if they were swollen. Anyway I thought nothing of it because they're not tender or sore or anything but oh caught a glimpse tonight and said that my lady area had changed with pregnancy. He said they look as if they're a bit swollen and are hanging down more than usual.
Anyone else noticed this or know why? Is it just because there's more pressure down there now?



  • yep me too, saw mw today and talked about how if it's on one side might be vulval varicose veins (nice hey) and was just about to google it! If it's all over it's all about more pressure and blood flow down down there.
    Thank god for this forum - a couple of June ladies were saying they felt like this too. Sometimes it can feel a bit numb when I wee too.
    Ames x
  • So I'm gonna be waddling soon then lol. Think I'm gonna have to be prepared for everything going a bit tits up down there aren't I?!

    Katie-We'll come down one weekend and I'll do your hair unless you wanna come here for dinner again? Can't do sunday though unless you want us to come down later on sunday afternoon?
  • hello,
    i went to see my mid wife last week as im swollen down below and my hands. i have normal bllod pressure and my wee sample is normal,im just retaining water in my hands,feet,lady bits and the bottom of my bump not that i can see that !!!!!!
    she told me not to worry and it will go when i have little one.
    i got really bad swollen feet the day after i had my daughter last time but it was gone in 3 days.
    emma 32+5 xxxxxxxxx
  • I have really swollen lady bits and unfortunately what I think are vulval varicose veins as well :roll:

    The whole area is alot darker than normal too due to the increased blood flow.

    Bizarrely I am almost glad to have been affected here as I would have been more upset to have the veins on my legs!

    30+3 x
  • Hmm just thinking thats mothers day. I think it should be ok though actually ,do you want to come for dinner then?
    Its peppers birthday as well that day lol
  • Actually that sat 21st I'm off work so could come late afternoon then if you want then have a takeaway after, or did you not mean that saturday? If not sunday 22nd will be fine.
  • its also cuz theres alot more blood flow in that are whilst pregnant.Dnt worry its qiuite normal and as katie said u will be back to urself after the birth! xxx
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