what do you think of ...

the name Lucas ? me and hubby love it, but it was suggested that everyone would think of the star wars guy George Lucas ? what do you think of when i say the name Lucas?

(we know, or have bee told its a boy)



  • I think its nice, dont worry about what other people say, if you and oh like it then go for it. My sister called her little boy Quade and everyone laughed at her for that, it really grew on me once she started calling her bump Quade and now he's here I couldnt imagine him being anything else.
    Me and oh have decided on Mack and that seems to be one that people either really like or really hate. I had someone the other day saying ''well its not really about whether you two like it is it, you have to think about the kid, he's gotta have it for the rest of his life'' ok so yes he does, but wth-its not to do with whether everyone else likes it or not, at the end of the day this is mine and oh's baby and if we like Mack then whats wrong with that?

    Sorry, little rant there-but it just annoys me how everyone feels like they have the right to comment on peoples choice of names. I really wish we'd just kept it quiet what we wanted to name him (people rarely comment when your telling them thats the babies name after the babies born) but oh never shuts up about it.

    Anyway-I likeLucas I think its really cute,


  • I like it, tbh if you hadn't said I wouldn't have even thought of George Lucas, but then I hate Star Wars!
  • thanks, i didnt know who george lucas was actually, havent ever watched start wars (that apparently makes me weird!), im more likely to think of matt lucas from little britain! lol. but we do think its cute, his full name would be Lucas John Cameron...i think it goes quite nicely the more i think of it . i really liked Luke, but hubbie wasnt keen but that is a version of Luke and he may end up just getting called Luke i guess when hes in school and stuff, i just cant imagine an adult called Lucas (im sad and thin of all that way in the future stuff)x
  • we wanted a sort of unusual name as my wee girl is called Elise, which was quite unusual when she was born, altho there are more around now she is 3. but we dont want to be the parents who name their children all wacky names (i know theyre not exactly wacky, but to some people they are ie. older generation!!)
  • I think it's a lovely name.

  • Well that makes me weird too then Laura!! Never watched it and never intend to so I definately didnt think of George Lucas. Lucas is a really lovely name and id go for it if i were you and ignore what people say image)
    I really like Mack too, its nice to have something different. My DH is turkish so its turkish names for us - we like Malik for a boy (pronounced Mar lik), havent quite decided for a girl but Zara is on the list! Any comments or thoughts??
    Zo xx
  • Love Lucas - little different without being daft if you know what I mean! Wouldn't have thought of the Star Trek connection either!

    I love Zara as well but we've decided on Maya or Maia and Reiss (yes spelt like the shop!)

  • I like Lucas a lot, I think it's a nice name for a child or an adult. xxx
  • Although we're going to be shortening it to luca, we're putting lucas on the birth certificate.
    haha it was the only boys name we could agree on so hopefully he'll look like oneimage

    Malik and Zara are both good names they roll off the tongue really nicely.
  • I like the name Lucas,it's different without bein weird, it's on our list of bout a million names at the moment
  • I've Lucas but unfortunetely my neighbours have called their baby Luke and OH thinks its too alike so i think we would choose Lennox instead.
  • I think Lucas is great and and we decided on that name for our baby if it was going to be a boy. However, we were told that we are having a girl and as yet have no name (doh!)
    When i first suggested Lucas to my OH though he said that Lucas is a brand name for some vehicle headlights - i ignored him though and settled for that name.
    I would go for that name if that is what you like, and sod what anyone else thinks. I think the names fab!!


  • I like Lucas - my 3rd is called Luke and my mum sometimes calls him lucas-lukozade!!!

    FlyingKiwi - I also like the name Mack! Reminds me of the guy in CSI new york! Always liked his name image
  • I really like it, its a really nice name. My little brother is called luke but if he wasnt we would definatly be calling this one Lucas if its a boy. Try not to listen to what other people say..I think we've decided on Kimberly if its a girl and not one person has liked it so far!
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