I need some advice...

Hi girls,

I need some advice about my work situation. It's a bit of a long story but i'll try and explain it as clearly as i can, so that you can give me your thoughts...

I started working at my current job in January. I do recruitment for a private charity, so it's a desk based job, fairly quiet. I'd only been there for about 3 weeks when i found out i was pregnant. I had 2 managers at the time, one was pregnant at the time, the other not, and they were both very supportive, because at the time i wasn't sure i was going to go ahead with pregnancy or not for financial reason.

Anyway at about 12 weeks pregnant i was signed off work with Hyperemesis (really bad sickness) and this ended up going for about 12 more weeks. During the time i was off my managers continued to be very supportive, and i was to return to work part time, and see how i coped as i'm still quite sick a lot of days.

Anyway, last week my pregnant manager left on Mat leave, and my remaining manager just completely turned on me. She told me she didn't trust me as a staff member to do my work properly while i was sick. She also told me that if i didn't return to work full time as of that day, i would be fired. My maternity pay has also been removed from me as she is not counting my time off sick as continual service, so i therefore don't qualify due to the amount of time i've worked for them before i went sick.

So now i'm thinking about starting my Mat leave from the earliest possible time, 11 weeks before baby is due. The problem i have is, i will only qualify for mat allowance (??112 p/w) for 36 weeks, which is a. not a whole lot of money! and b. leaves me with reduced time after baby is born before i have to think about returning to work.

I'm definitly not returning to work here. I've lost my faith in them as employers and if i don't see my manager again as long as i live it will be too soon. I know i could tough it out, but she has me in tears practically every day, blaming me for things that she's forgotten to do, or ignoring me, or going out with the other girls in the office and completely ignoring me. I'm so unhappy, and i just don't think i can stay until the middle of August.

I'd really appreciate your advice or points of view.



  • Jam Donut. I didn't want to read and run but cant really offer advice only to say your not alone, I'm really unhappy at work too and don't want to be there, so considering starting mat leave sooner and same i only get basic ??117pw.
  • hi jamdonot!

    good, god - she is evil!
    i think she was up your backside before the other girl left cos you were both pregnant, and with the other being a mangaer too.!
    i dont know if she can say sick is not continuous - if you have had drs letters / sick notes, i'm not too sure she can do that.
    have you an HR dept? if yes seek their advice. if not try the DOH website.
    the other thing to do would be maybe consult an employment law solicitor - probably pricey, but if that mat pay should be yours........
    it also sounds like you could do her on the grounds of discrimination - pregnancy rights etc

    good luck

  • She cant do that!!! its continuous - and if i were you id quote 'sex discrimation'!!!!!!!!!! - contact ACAS 08457 47 47 47 or Citizens Advice Bureau - god people annoy me - What a twonk - dont let them get away with it - stand your ground xx
  • Pregnancy related sickness cannot be counted as anything other than normal service - no action can be taken over it. She is completely in the wrong and being extremely discriminatory.
    The bad news is you may not qualify for anything other than basic smp anyway, but she can't just decide that off her own back. You need to speak to an HR department, or as Em says get in touch with ACAS, they can take your case on and fight your corner for you.
    I know its tough but don't let her away with it.
    Good luck x
  • Hi girls, are you only getting the basic mat pay because you havnt been there a year? x
  • I've been there nearly two years now but very small employer (only 6 of us) and he offers no benefits over and above statuatory sadly!

    I was just searching the net and I agree with earlier post JamDonut, preg related absence is continuous service!
  • I thought that while i was off it would count as continuous service... i filed a doctors note every two weeks without fail so that i would be covered... It's just such a pain in the arse. I work as part of the HR team, and the HR advisor is so buddy buddy with my manager i feel really uncomfortable talking to her, but i suppose i will have to at some point xxx
  • She cannot fire you jamdonut! No way!
    If she does then you have a case under constructive dismissal and/or discrimination and could get compensation!
    Let her do it and then take her to the cleaners girl!
  • hi jamdonut!
    I think you should go to citisens advice or Acas because as far as i am aware you have to be allowed time off if you are poorly and pregnant especially if the doctor has signed you off and they cannot fire you for this reason hope everything works out for you x x
  • I haven't used them myself but several good friends have assured me that the Citizens' Advice Bureau are great for telling you what your rights are and getting the ball rolling for you. They deal with the general public every single day helping them with all kinds of things, so don't worry that this is too small an issue - it's definitely not. Good luck.
  • She definitely can't do that! i agree with Pink Toothbrush pop into the CAB and check out your rights.

    Unbelieveable-from a woman as well! X

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