do you dreams determine the sex?

sorry that was a silly question i dont mean determine the sex obviously!!

Ive been having dreams about when i have my baby and its always a little boy ive got never a girl! i was wondering if any of you dreamt throughout your pregnancy what sex you were having and were you right or wrong??

i will find out the sex of mine but i had another dream last nite that it was a little boy and i just wondered what your views were as always


  • when i was pregnant everyone looked at my bump and told me it was a boy because of size and position etc. even i was convinced! but the night before my 12week scan when id be finding out the sex i dreampt i was having a girl.... and guess what? the scan showed a little girl, and now she's here! so.... ?? perhaps dreams are right!
  • Hi

    I'm not pregnant but just happened to see this post come up on the home page... I'm basically the same as linziMc - OH was convinced we were having a boy and in the end I thought the same. We spent the whole pregnancy calling the bump 'he' and I had even bought a boy's outfit for coming home from the hospital.

    While I was pregnant I had three different dreams about the baby, and in all three I dreamt I was having a girl. I now have a 5 month old called Carley!

    I'll be very interested to see what you are having once you know!!
  • well i have got my scan on feb 11th and we will be asking what bubba is!
    i really dont mind what we have which is unusual for me as i always want a particular thing but as long as bubba is fine then im happy and i cant wait to know so i can call bubba by the names we have chosen.
    so when i have the scan i will let you know. Wouldnt it be quite freaky if it is a boy???
    Then maybe there is something in a mothers intuition
  • Am really glad someone mentioned this! Do you really believe in mothers intuition? With my 1st I convinced myself I was having a boy - I dreamt boy stuff, only chose boys names, etc and it was! With my 2nd I wasnt too worried but this time I have really convinced myself its a girl and have really vivid dreams bout my "little girl"
    Dont find out til 13th Feb so will be interesting to see if "Mothers Intuition" is real!
  • yeah i believe there is something in it although my mum was convinced she was having a girl when my brother popped out so she doesnt believe it, im normally really rubbish at guessing what people are having i always get it wrong so if this is a boy then im totally for mothers intuition.
    how far gone are you olermum?
  • Have to say I think intuition is a good word for it, cos I was having those dreams even though I was convinced it was a boy, yet my subconscious knew and was trying to tell me! I'll be back in february image
  • I was so convinced I was having a girl. My mum had 2 girls, my maternal grandma had 1 girl, and she was one of 3 girls herself...I had dreams about having a baby girl, and whenever I listened on my doppler I was convinced it was a girl I was hearing (sounds bonkers!). I even wanted to buy some pink sleepsuits but my OH stopped me......

    Good thing too as the scan showed I am expecting a baby boy :lol: Everyone had been telling me it was a boy because of position of bump but I didn't believe them...haha...I felt like such an idiot.

    I don't think you can know your baby's sex: it is always a 50/50 chance, you get what you I wouldn't be too surprised either way!

    But then that's just my experience...If you have a premonition, 50% of the time, you're going to be right!
    Philippa 25+6 x x x
  • Last summer I dreamt that I was lying in bed and a younger version of my husband, about 14/15 years old, woke me to tell me he'd got home safe from a party and he'd brought his friend, who I knew, to stay for the night. It was a very vivid dream. I sometimes talk in my sleep and I'm sure I heard myself respond to him. I didn't find out the sex of my baby before hand, I wanted a surprise. When I told my husband about the dream he just thought I was being weird and blamed my hormones! Anyway, I gave birth to a boy last September. I wonder what the sex of the baby that I'm carrying now is.

    Sweet dreams ladies, Denise xx
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