MPVs - Anyone got Ford SMax or Citroen Grand C4 picasso 7 st

Hi, didn't know where to post this. Apologies if in wrong place.

Just wondered if anyone has a Ford SMax or Citroen Grand c4 Picasso - 7 seaters....

We have got to sell our vw passat but have narrowed nearly new car to the above.

Just wondered if anyone can recommend the above or know of any other good ones - we tried Honda FR-V but not right for us - quite like Mitsubishi Grandis but not sure???


e.d.d 4th july


  • Hi, i've got a Mitubishi Grandis and I love it!!
    Its got absolutly tons of space, seats 6 + 7 fold neatly into the floor easily and there is enough room for adults on these seats.
    Even with all seven seats up you still have bucket loads of boot space.
    Its also quite efficient on diesel.

    happy hunting!!
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