Chcken Pox and 26 weeks pregnant?

hey little concerned...

I had a phone call from a colleague yesterday saying her little boy had come down with chicken pox over night, i had seen him day before. We had gone out for meal with a group but i wasnt really anywhere near him (other end of table) only a work colleague not that close!

she phoned in right panic to tell me to get checked out. I had chicken pox when i was 5

should i get myself checked out? I feel fine and i didnt go near him

Laura (26+5) xxx


  • Hi Laura
    I think you're fine as you've had chicken pox from what i can remember but if I were you I'd call your midwife or gp anyway just to dbl check with them but try not to worry.

    Em x
  • hi i would ring midwife or dr just to be on safe side.

    hope alls well

  • if uv already had chicken pox u should be ok but id get checked out even if its just 4 peace of mind.

  • Dont worry at all, i am 19+5 with twins and friends baby has cpox, chekced with midwife who said as long as i had had it dont worry and also when you had your initial blood tests they test your immunity to it and rubeela so check what the result was from that

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