can you use breast milk and formular together

i want to bottle feed my baby but im not sure if you can use formular and breast milk together or only one not both any advice plz


  • Am I right in thinking that you mean to express and then give formula as well? This should be fine but you may find that your milk supply dries up if you are not exclusively breastfeeding.
    As far as I know it is actually ok to mix the two milks in one bottle, use as much breast milk as you have and then top up to the quantity you need with formula. It might be easier to use ready made formual for this.
  • sorry i mean diffrent bottles not at the same time .its because im 30 +3 and im already leaking really bad and with my first i breast feed its was like a running tape on my boobs lol i would have a bath put breast pad on i would have to change 10 min later
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