morning ladies - im really excited coz im 30 weeks today!! Yey!!
On the home run now!!

OH does not seem excited or bothered by this at all which p****s me off a bit but then he doesnt like feeling bump move either - says it makes him feel a bit funny. He was down the bottom end when both my boys where born though and says he would have cut their cords but the m/ws never asked him so i'll be sure to put this in my birthing plan this time!!

Does any1 else have a squimish OH?

Good luck to all other ladies that r reaching their milestones and all ladies who r creeping nearer and nearer to Bday!!

xx elaine xx



  • Hey Elaine, cograts on getting to 30 weeks!!!! Only 3 days and I'll be there too!!!!
    With regards to oh's, mine doesn't get to feel lo kicking that much but only because he/she stops kicking as soon as he come's near!!! He is also squimish to the point he dosn't even like watching Holby or anything like that! I asked if he wanted to cut the cord and he said he will deciede at the time! Tammi xxx
    29.4 weeks
  • lol. baby sounds like its gonna be mummys girl/boy!!
    i love feeling baby move especially when im in the bath - do u?

    men can be so strange!
    i dont think i could watch baby crowning (possibly as its my bits its coming out of) but he did! yet he wont feel bump?!
    and its not as if bump moving is a new experience! its our 3rd baby!


  • lol my oh didnt like my bump moving either when i was 30 weeks, but i`m 37 weeks tomoro, and he get worried if he doesnt feel her move now.
    also she moves more when he is talking to her or feeling my bump too...definately a daddys girl i think.

    congrats on getting to 30 weeks tho hun image
  • Strange that he won't feel bump yet can look when its crowning! Mind you when I asked my oh which end he would be at he said the bottom without even hesitating! Men they are strange! Its great in the bath as you can really see lo kicking and even squirming around, oh asked if it was like having an alien in my belly, lol! Bump dosn't like anyone touching it not even me sometimes!!! xxx
  • lol - i thought id be embaressed to have him down there but at the time i didnt care!!


  • I have an oh who doesn't even want to come to the breastfeeding class tomorrow! Think he thinks we will all get our paps out and practice with plastic dolls or something!!
    But bless him, he watched me get bloods taken 'so I a can see if I'll cope while you're in labour' - yeah, cos thats what it will be like!!!

    Think he'll be fine cos he loves the hospital shows, but I want him at my head and I don't think he'll be cutting the cord!

    And yeah, he finds it a bit freaky when lo sets my tummy wobbling BUT likes to talk to bump so am sure he relates in his own way.
  • lol. if only labour was that easy!!

    its nice that he talks to bump - my OH just dosnt do anything bump friendly. it was only when i started doing the pre-natal clothes wash yesterday that he saw a newborn sleepsuit hanging up and said "oh baby, we're really gonna have another 1"!

    err - yeh - where have u been the last 30 weeks?!


  • I think guys just relate differently. It must be really hard for them cos they are just watching us do all the hard work. Well, maybe thats harsh cos oh has been a godsend looking after me.
    But I have given him books about pregnancy which I know he hasn't read cos he says he won't remember it 6 months in advance, he'll read them when the time gets closer. Too busy thinking about football and cars just now.
    Their minds are too small to hold ALL the info but I'm sure they'll all come up trumps when the time is needed!
  • lol - yeh my OH is great with the boys so i know its just the pregnancy hes not to keen on - id just like sum1 to share things with - i know that might sound a bit selfish.

    but then id rather have him be a good dad when they r here. im so lucky to have him really. - wow it can be really good to get ur feelings out - thanx ladies


    elaine xx
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