i feel yucky :(

hi all, havent been on for a while how is everyone doing?
been feeling really crap last few days, had antenatal 2 weeks ago and had protien and glucose in sample and this week have had a constant headache and feel abs drained.
going for a antenatal check up tomorrow just incase its pre eclampsia arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
ive had 1 thing after another in this pregnancy image
anyone had it? if yes, how did you feel? i seem to have all symptoms except swelling.
sorry for moan


  • Aww hun so sorry that u feel like crap. Wen i was expecting my son i had the headaches, the swelling and the high blood pressure but it turned out it wasnt pre-eclampsia just body not coping with been heavily pregnant in a very hot august. Hope all goes well tomorrow ur in the best hands anyway if it is pre-eclampsia and its gud that they are investigating it rather than just leaving it. Kerry xxx

  • my bp was higher than normal last time and they asked me to come back in 3 weeks to check again but really feeling dodgey! hope its not pre eclampsia as they also think i have preg diabeties too - lo has alot to answer for lol!!
    thanks for reply xxx
  • Hon i'm also been tested for this what you BMI like?
    have your midwives or obstrician asked for a 24hour (urine) collection fro you as they will also check for protein in that too.
  • sorry to hear you're having such a rough time hun, don't have any advice i'm afraid but didn't want to r&r. when lo's big you can have fun telling him what a horror he was even before he arrived!! hope all goes well at the checkup tomorrow xxx


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