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we need to buy a car, we currently have a renault megane coupe, so not suitable for a baby! i was just wondering what sort of car you think would be big enough? we want something with a small engine ideally 1.1-1.4 litre, so that limits us a bit (we want small engine as OH is still learning to drive and don't want his insurance to be too high) and we need a cheap car, our budget is ??2500. we have been looking at the icandy apple or something similar. any idea would be appreciated.

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  • I would say that as long as it has 4 doors and a reasonable sized boot then you can get away with anything really. Doesn't need to be too large but just have easy access to the back seats. A 4 door corsa may be OK, or a fiesta depending on which pushchair you are thinking of getting

    hth xx
  • I know Im not pregnant but I thought Id reply as Im currently getting itchy feet about our car but dh is working hard to convince me we dont need a new car as ours is perfectly fine (plus I have expensive taste and we have a lack of money too!) We currently have a Nissan Micra and it's good as the boot has a nifty feature, where a handle behind the back seats lifts up and you can slide the back seats forward to create more space in the boot (scarificing leg room in the back seats though) for pushchair etc and the boot is a good size for a small car anyway. Plus Im sure you can get a 4/5 yr old one for about ??2500. But I want a Nissan Qashqai - in my dreams hehe - Ill get my own way eventually lol!!

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  • Gatecrashing from baby. We have a Focus which is a good size but they have a habit of having short seat belts in the rear which can limit the style/make of car seat you want if you need to double up the belt to fit the seat.
    Another good car is the new style Corsa - I wish we'd got one of them instead now!
  • I also think a focus is a great idea, on Saturday we managed to get into my sisters focus -

    2 Bugaboo Prams - not the smallest to fold down!
    1 Tripp Trap Highchair
    1 Overnight bag
    2 Change bags
    3 bags of shopping
    2 Car seats with babies!

    The seatbelts are a bit of a struggle as they are a tiny bit short so you do have to pull hard but that is the only drawback I can think of.

    My next car will definately be a focus.
  • i would defiantly recommended a VW Golf, the boot is HUGE,they are really solid cars and very reliable. I love my little golf!! xx
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