lmao at myself....

Has anyone else decided to take up knitting? Think i'm old before my time!



  • I started knitting when I was expecting Millie. Don't get as much time these days but I still plod along knitting bits and pieces. It's really nice to be able to put lo in a cardi or something that you've made yourself!
  • I knit something for most of my friends who have babies-but can't wait to start this time!! Just want to wait till after we know what we're having!!
  • I don't knit but my mum does, & ever since I announced my pregnancy (am now 32wks) she's been knitting like an absolute mad woman!!! She loves doing baby stuff as it's small & she can make little cardigans, jumpers etc really quickly. I've got a drawer full of stuff already - every time I see her she gives me more.
    Although hand knitted stuff isn't always the most practical it does look lovely & has a real personal touch.
  • I've done loads of knitting - for me and for friends - its back in fashion now!
    Gives you something to do and also a great sense of satisfaction when its done and your lo can wear it.
  • My mum knit for me and I found it great. The cardigans are lovely and they are warm if they are thicker wool. I have cardigans of all diff colours for Kara. She is almost 7 months and i still wear them on her. I would never think of knitting myself though.
  • I love hand-knitted things but personally I can't knit to save my life, the last time I did it was about 3 years ago when I was doing my textiles GCSE ( I failed - only took it cos we got to go to the clothes show! ) and my knitting was like a bag of rags, lol, all holes in it.

    My oh's nan has knitted us some lovely little jumpers though, and my grandma has crocheted some blankets with rainbow wool, which are soooo cute! xxx

  • I can't knit but our mums are both doing so. And FIL gf is a knitter also she has already been dropping hints she will be knitting for us :\)

    I like doing cross stitching though and will be doing a birth sampler
  • Luckily I don't have too (lucky for baby too :lol: )....lovely sister-in-law and her mother (bless) have already started knitting! I'm only 13 weeks!
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