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Originally I was finishing work on Oct 24th, taking 2 weeks Annual leave and two weeks M/L. I've been struggling to cope at work as im full time, mon - fri. My line manager suggested (my hubby agrees) that I should finish a week earlier and so have 2 weeks hol and 3 weeks M/L. Up till then im working from home as much as poss but its difficult in my job.

Do you think the 17th Oct is too early to finish? Im due Nov 20th? On one hand I feel like its too early but on the other I am getting soooo tired. What do you lovely ladies think and when are you finishing work? x


  • im due the day after you babe and i think if you are feeling even half way as tired as i am then you should really think about starting your time of early. and its not like your starting that early really you will be 35 weeks gone at that point x
  • well hello bump buddy

    i agree with the others. its only a week. I am due on 6th nov and my m/l starts 13th oct. I've got 2 weeks a/l to use before which started mon. I really wish i had given up work earlier as work was getting a lot for me. I am a nurse so can be a very physical job too. But i just got on with it. by the time i finished last week i was shattered and so relieved. I know now that next time i have a baby i will go earlier. although i am currently bored rigid as i am too organised and everything i need to do is done.

    I would say take the week and enjoy it. You dont want to overwork yourself. You'll be knackered enough when baby comes. take the time to chill and finish off last min preparations.

    kate 34+6
  • hi, i don't think that is too early at all! If you are finding it to much then you should stop working as you don't want to over do it especially that close to due date. When i was pregnant with my daughter i gave up work as soon as i could (i was 30 weeks) as i had a very hard pregnancy and was very tired and i don't think it was too early at all and as it happens i ended up getting cholestasis which is a liver condition at 31 weeks and was in hopital from 36 weeks and induced at 37 weeks, so it was nice to have a few weeks at home before she was born it gave me time to rest. I am hoping to give up at 35 weeks this time but i only work part time (20 hours a week) so its very different, unless of course i have to be induced again which i may have to be. so if you are tired you should be at home resting. xxx

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