last few weeks

hi all, i have got two weeks to go til dd and am just not sleeping. its getting me down as now lo is awake all night and kicking me so even if i do nod off im soon up again. its not normally lo that keeps me awake its mainly the fact that im just wide awake. i end upgetting up and doind some of the assignments have yet to finish and then am still up at 5 when oh goes to work. nothing helps me sleep...baths, warm drink/porridge...nothing. help..........?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • this happened to me a few weeks before giving birth and lasted the until she arrived. Just preparing you for sleepless nights when your l/o arrives! Its nerves and excitement! Everyone kept saying to me to get sleep during the day, but it didnt happen. Just try to relax when you can shut your eyes etc this will help nearly as good as a sleep.

    Gets even worse when l/o is here tho!!! Ive gone 48 hrs today with no sleep at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best of luck and try to chill out when you can x
  • Hi
    Ive got 19 days left and not had good nights sleep for last month. I can fall asleep straight away but wide awakebetween 1 and 3 am each day. Ive finished work so been getting up so not to disturb oh then when he leaves for work at 7am i go back to bed for a nap and also try napping in afternoon.
  • Hi Holly,

    I'm the same as you, my lo is so active still despite him having hardly any room left, plus I am up for a pee at least three times a night and then I can't get comfy or I get cramp! I think part of it is also that our minds are on overload thinking of things we want to get done and imagining what it is going to be like with a lo.

    If you have loads of stuff to do (you mentioned assignments) what I used to find useful was to write down a 'to do ' list and if necessary keep it by your bed so you have a way to release all these thoughts that are buzzing around!

    I usually get up when my oh goes to work with the intention of having a nap at some point during the day but it never happens as there are always jobs to do - or I am on here!!

    Liz xx
  • Sorry hun i can't help but oh no ive just started to get restless nights, i had to go in an hour late to work today coz i was up from from 2-5 this morning just managed to get to sleep and oh alarm woke me at 6 argh don;'t tell me its gonni be like this for the next 6wks :cry:
  • Are you going to bed early? I have recently tried going to bed later and that way I get a few hours sleep in because I am obviously really tired. I also found that lieing on top of the duvet was more comfortable than the normal matress and sheet - more padding! I still only get a few good hours because of the morning toilet trips!!

    Good luck xx
  • hi all,actually slept last nite and i was so was oh bless him, he stroked my hair til i fell asleep which i love! i try to go bed late and i sprawlover duvet as likeu gembob i find it comfier. themattress is no good for my bump at least sprawling over and round my duvet i can lean on my front a lilbit!been getting so upset about this issue, especially as bump is awake wit me so then i stress that he gonna be up allnite wen hes born.but illdealwith that when he comes!
    thanks everyone
    here's to a good nite sleep for us all xxx
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