Baby movements low down and near intestines!

Hi all

Angus must be REALLY low down today as I am feeling very strange. My tummy feels REALLY full and tender and bloated, like I have the worst wind ever, but there is nothing there! (no farts!) Can he be anywhere near my intestines and using them as a toy today instead of my bladder or belly button like normal? Or is that just not possible? I am sitting down mostly today (boring desk job!) and all the movement is bubbly and popping really low down, even like its in my bottom!!! Think he had hiccups earlier - that was weird when he's so low!!!

Anyone else get this???

Joo xxx


  • i've had exactly the same, seed is really low down and it is a really really weird feeling, i can feel every single kick, and they are all inside rather than any kciks that i can feel by touching my belly

    Lou x
    25 + 5
  • hi i've had this recently too and at one point felt a lot of pressure on my bum too!
  • Hi

    yep I've had this recently too, a few days ago jellybean seemed to move from lying across the way and kicking out to the sides, to being very low down and almost grabbing my guts at times! at least that's what it feels like :lol:

    aileen xx
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