Any one had a planned c-section?


I had an emergency section with Reece due to labour not progressing, and his head never engaging. The hospital have asked me if I want to elect for a section this time and I have decided to go ahead with this, as Reece was a big baby and I couldnt get him out, and second babies tend to be bigger in our family. I was just wondering when you have a planned section? I thought it was about 2 weeks before your due date as they prefer not to take the risk of you going into labour before the section date and having to do an emergency section rather than a planned one but I have googled it and it seems to say never before 39 weeks, although it does all seem to be American. They seem to wait till last min with a breech baby incase they shift round at the final stage, but what if you elect for a section on the grounds that you have already had one? If you can let me know your experiences that would be great. Its not a big issue, Im only 13 weeks and not even seeing my consultant till near Christmas, just be nosy really. Thanks xx


  • Hi our stories are quite similar i had an emergency c-section with my son who is now 2 1/2 as failed attempts using suction and forceps couldnt get him out, he was 8lbs 8oz so not a little baby. But now im pregnant with my second, im only about 7 weeks but am planning on having a c-section as i dont want to ggo through the same emergency as last time especially as you say, second babies are sometimes bigger!! I thought you could have c-sections at 38 weeks and whilst they prefer to wait until quite late in your pregnancy to see if you need one or can do it naturally, i have asked my doctor to write me a referral letter reccommending i have a planned c-section. Dont know if this helps but wanted to respond. Congrats with your pregnancy xxx
  • Hi Lara n Chloe can i ask what your planned c-section was like, im planning on having one in July next year and it must be a world away from an emergency one. Was it relaxed? x
  • I'm having a planned one in Jan at 39 weeks after also having a horrible time last time trying to have an 8lb 8 baby and getting stuck.
  • Im having a planned one at 38wks, either at very end of feb or beginning of march, consutant said it is now normal to do them at 39wks as more babies were needing special care after being delivered at 38wks, but 1 had my 1st at 38wks planned c section back in 1995 as she was breech, my 2nd was emergency (3yrs later) at 42wks cos she never engaged even after being induced and then they discovered she was actually too big to come naturally anyhow!!!!
    So this time ive asked for planned csection and they are happy to do it at 38 wks cos of the last 2 being quite big and im only a shortie!! I remember my planned csection being very chilled and although i was worried and scared surgeon was great at putting me at ease and chatted all the way through the procedure, he had music on in the background so we was singing along too!! Recovery was great and i had no problems bonding, even now when i hear "natural" birth stories i shiver as i couldnt possibly imagine having a baby any other way!
  • Ah thanks i cant risk going thru another attempt at a natural birth, my son was 8lb 8oz too so not a little one and apparently i have a small womb so not sure if that helped!

    I just know im going to feel more relaxed if i can definately have a planned c-section. Good luck with your c-sections ladies! xx
  • Thanks for your answers. Malakin - Im tiny as well, only 5 foot and Reece was 9lb1 so its not a suprise that I struggled. I was fine recovering for my emergency section, had it at 10 pm on a Tuesday and was in town pushing my pram on the Saturday. I am still scared of having another op though! At least with a planned section you can sort out childcare and dont have to worry about having to go to hosp at 2 am and wake family up to come and baby sit! xx
  • Joannemarie i hope it doesnt look like i highjacked your subject just interested too Sorry xx
  • Haha - thats funny Haydnsmum - the thought never crossed my mind - honestly xx
  • i had planned section 1st time round with lo as he was breech. This time i asked for a section but wasnt decided til late 32 weeks. I am having section on 5th dec at 39 weeks, although consultant was prepared to do from 38 weeks. may be just because i have diabetes and am not able to go overdue due to risk of big baby and placental breakdown.
    I am now starting to have funny dreams about the day and am a little worried aboot the spinal anaesthetic as well.
    Filo x
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