My bargin pram!

Hi everyone
Just had to show you my amazing bargin pram! I bought it from ebay after seeing it in a couple of pram shops, but the problem was it was ??495 new which seemed an awful lot. Its the silver cross sleepover deluxe, so I typed that into ebay and it came up on buy it now for ??150! So discussed it with my hubby and mother in law and spoke to the woman selling it and decided to go for it as she reassured me if I wasnt happy with it she would refund it completley. I also asked why she was selling it and she said that as she had gone back to work when baby was 6 weeks old, she just didnt get the use out of it and they prefered a stroller. Anyway, it arrived yesterday and its perfect! Not a mark on it which is saying something seeing as the inside of it is white. I cant belive how clean it is, it looks brand new. The best thing is it can be used as a travel system, a flat pram and a buggy and the carrycot comes with a stand so it can be used instead of a moses basket. Heres a couple of pics, hope the links work...

Its not as blue as it looks in the pictures, its more grey/silver.


  • Omg! That is such a bargain and such a nice pram! Ebay is fantastic! Enjoy ur new pram, hope u haven't got to wait too much longer to use it
  • What a bargain babes! Looks really good and as you say not a mark on it! Bet you are well chuffed!!!
    Tammi xxx
    29.6 weeks
  • Carly that's fantastic. You truly are the ebay queen ! I'm rubbish at it, mainly cos I've got no patience for bidding.
    Well done you. S x
  • lol suz. I'm not great with bidding either but this was on buy it now so didnt have to wait!
    I've got quite a while to go until i get to use it, I'm only 19 weeks so a bit naughty to get it now really, but it was too much of a bargin to miss!
  • carley thats fantastic,i love ebay and have brought almost everything for this baby on there this time!cheapskate lol!i spent so much when we had our daughter and u dnt use things for 2 mins.We have saved a fortune!Went to c my cousin last weekend who is 3 wks behind me and she was gonna buy a pram frm tesco direct for ??420 so i thought id have a look on ebay when i got home n i found the exact same one brand new on ebay for ??100 cheaper!she was well chuffed and has brought it!Go ebay!!!hanna 33 wks xx
  • Wow what a bargain, I love it.
    Em x
  • What a bargain, well done you!!!
    I'm 12 weeks, just, and itching to atart buying!!
    Claire x
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