When did you first feel baby move?

I know I wont feel anything yet as only 9 wks but cannot wait til being kicked! Cannot remember with last 2 when I felt movements so can you all give me rough idea when you 1st felt it! Although got sore boobs, sickness etc still dont feel pregnant and am dying to feel baby is there.


  • my first wasnt until 23 weeks but no 2 was at about 17 weeks
  • Hi everyone,
    I first felt flutters after 19 weeks and husband felt baby a few days later (although it was quite faint at the time). I was impressed as this is my first. I'm 22 weeks now and baby is becoming more active (especially when I force it to listen to classical music!)

  • With my 1st pregnancy I felt movements around 18 weeks & with my 2nd I felt them at 14 weeks but it is perfectly normal not to feel anything til 20-22 weeks

    Hilary x
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