Please Help...Confused and Upset!!

Hello all,

I am new to this forum and would love some advice, please.

My husband and I were trying to conceive during December and my last period was December 10, 2008. The past week and half, I have felt extremely exhuased, have really tender breasts, backache, am mega hungry all the time, and this past week, I have had a constant dull pain in my abdomen / across my tummy - a bit like period pains but not as bad - it's worse at night.

Anyway, all these symptoms pointed to a potential pregnancy and as my period is due tomorrow / Thursday, I bought a First Response Test yesterday and did the test during my lunch hour. To my extreme joy, it was positive!! Just to be sure, I also bought a test from Tesco - it's own brand and also did that last night - still positive. Lastly, first thing this morning, I took a Clear Blue test which immediately came up positive as well. My hubby and I are over the moon!!

I managed to get an appt with a doctor this evening to "confirm" my pregnancy, so I went along with my husband, expecting to come away elated. I was so wrong. When I explained why we were there, she looked at me like I was incredibly stupid and asked me why I had tested. She then went on to say that early pregnancy tests are just marketing gimmick, and bascically, totally crushed me. She refused to say that I am pregnant, althought I have all the symptoms, but apparently most of these tests give "false positives" because lots go on to miscarry in the following 2 weeks. I've never heard of "false positives". She told me to wait 2 more weeks before they could confirm my pregnancy.

I understand that unfortunately some pregnancies do not work out during the first 12 weeks, but I was made to feel really stupid for taking a pregnancy test one/ two days before AF - surely this is the point of early pregnancy tests?

Please can I ask how long you are meant to wait before you see the doctor to confirm the pregnancy? Does this mean that home pregancy tests like First Response and Clear Blue are not what they say they are?

I'm so gutted, confused and upset. Any advice would be greatly received.

Thank you x


  • Well to be honest this doctor sounds like an idiot!
    What an insensitive thing to say to you.
    Congratulations - you are pregnant and seeing as there's not much any of us can do about whether we have a miscarriage or not you may as well enjoy it!

    I am only a little bit ahead of you, at 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant, so I know all about the risks but trying to relax as much as possible.

    Still cross about your doctor! You are one of millions of women who test early - that's why they have those tests on sale!!!

    Congrats again xxx
  • omg.
    i have honestly never heard such a thing. i tested later than urself, af was a week late, got brfp and saw doc the next day, at nopoint was it mentioned "false positives", and surely it wldn't be "false" cos by her reasoning its not that u wldn't be pregnant now, just that it might not continue to a succesful pregnancy. that still means u are pregnant.

    if ur not happy with what she has said (i wldn't be) then get ur self a second opinion, arrange an appointment with another doctor, u r well within ur rights to do this.

    take care


  • iv never heard of a false positive! id say ur pregnant.I have just found out ijm pregnant and going by the clearblue digital test im 4-5weeks.Not rung doc yet as i know mw dosent see you for booking in appointment till week 8 but only cuz iv had others.I rang straight away with my 1st.U shouldnt have been made to feel this way what an awful woman she was!! xxx
  • Dear Ladies,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I really appreciate your time.

    It's sad how you can go from being over the moon to being crushed in just one day. Anyway, I will put her out of my mind and will nonetheless wait until i properly miss my period before I go back - NOT to her (my usual doctor was unavailable today).

    Thank you again and best of luck and health to you all.

  • Hey that is absolutely digusting behaviour for a doctor to demonstrate. I was on the phone to my sister (she's a G.P.) when i read your post and she was outraged and such malpractice and suggested that you complain or at least ensure you see another practice doctor next time you visit and make it clear why you don't want to see her. I have relied on home tests with all three of my pregnancies and never gone to doctors for a test, As soon as i get that second blue line i make an appointment to see the midwife and have never been told that it too early to be sure. You are definitely pregnant and you should not let that stupid doctor take the shine off it for you. Good Luck xxx
  • Hi hon,

    Your GP sounds like a complete witch!!! Can I just say that my GP told me that there is no such thing as a 'false positive' from a home pregnancy test kit - only 'false negatives'.
    I went in after doing 2 home tests so that the GP could do a test on me and confirm my pregnancy and she advised that there really is no need as the home test kits are as reliable as the GP ones (probably more so) and if I've had a positive reading - then I am definitely 100% pregnant.
    So many congratulations to you and your hubby - you are pregnant.
    Hope you manage to get a better GP to see you if you need anymore advice or help in the future - you really should think about putting in a complaint as you've been treated terribly!
    Good luck with your pregnancy and take care
  • Jojomummy,

    Brilliant!! How kind of you to talk to your sister - thank you. This doctor said she would refer me to a midwife but only after 2 more weeks when she could confirm my pregnancy and when according to her, I haven't miscarried. Whatever.
    Thank you so much, again. I'll definitely NOT be going back to see her!

    All the best to you too xxxx
  • I would put a complaint in to the local Primary Care Trust!!! I tested 4 days early as i had an incling with a first response but waited till my AF was due before i went just incase! i have heard you cant have a false positive apparently its very rare

  • Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I cannot believe your gp spoke to you like this, you should definitely complain! Loads of us have taken early tests (I did!) and there is still every chance you will go on to have a healthy pregnancy.

    Bec 21+5 x
  • how awful for ure gp to dash you right down like that ....there isnt false positives cos the reason u would get a positive is due to raised hormone levels and u cant have a false raise now can u however false negatives yes cos the test can miss the hormones (this happened to me twice).....although its hard to enjoy the early days because this is the "at risk"time if we all thought too much about it we wouldnt enjoy any of our pregnancy's or infact babies cos there is always something to worry about it CONGRATULATIONS and ignore your gp enjoy these early days i wish u a happy and healthy 9 months xxxxxxxxx
  • What a b***h!?!?! How dare she!?!? I understand what she means about miscarriages and the fact that we do pick up (identify) more now due to early pregnancy testing but thats not to say you shouldnt test early!!! How ridiculous?? I found out really early at about 3+4 as it turned out from my early dating scan and so far have had no problems with my pregnancy (touch wood!!) - Im now 27+3. I would write a letter of complaint to the PCT or the practice itself as that is dispicable behaviour and she cannot deny you of the care that you require (ie midwife input) based on her "opinions" - which is all it is!!!!

    Dont let this silly cow ruin your happiness, in fact, I would also request an appointment with another GP!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Take care and look after yourself over the coming months.



  • How very insensitive. When a couple have been trying for a child and they get their BFP, its the best day of their lives. Having a MC doesnt come into it.
    To be told this by your GP must have shattered your hopes.
    I do agree that I dont think that the early tests are such a good idea as lots of women do get pg but MC around the 4 week mark and if the woman hasnt tested, she just thinks its her AF. However if she has tested a few days before her AF and got a + on a HPT then goes on to have her AF she is gutted. I feel that its best to test a few days after when your AF is due (ive never quite managed to wait to test though lol)

    With both of my pregnancies my GP told me to make an appointment for when I thought I would have been about 6/7 weeks.

    I wouldnt let this doctor upset you and ruin the moment. If you can, see someone else. She sounds a bit bitter for some reason.

    Enjoy getting your BFP and enjoy being pregnant.

    heres to a healthy happy 9 months.

    bm xx
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Don't let this silly cow ruin it for you! I tested ridiculously early and went to the doctors before my period was due and my doctor said no such thing! Infact, she (and the receptionists) were really excited! She said it was great to see a patient with something positive to report!!! I waould say make sure you make a complaint but I'm guessing you probably just want to move on!
    I'm so sorry she has dulled your experience but try and put it to the back of your mind. Go back to planning the nursery, guessing the colour and thinking of names and all the fun things you should be doing with the excitement when you first find out!!!
    Good luck and enjoy your special moment xxx
  • Hiya

    I personally havent ever heard of a false positive!! Think they can sometimes show up that your are not preg when you can be as can eb too early to pick up hormone, but defo if you have had 3 positives then your are defo pregnant!
    Congrats hun!
    What a great start to the year!! image

    Take Care
    Sharon x

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