Freaked Out! How did she know my secret?

Only 5+3 weeks down the line and my colleague in work came up to me today and asked me outright was i preg? I have not had any sickness or anything to give it away so just joked with her that she was calling me fat and tried to ignore the question - but she said it was in the eyes and asked me again! I said 'no' but I am sure my face gave it away!!!

Has this happened to anyone else? Can they really tell or is it complete luck on her side???


  • Im sure she has just got lucky. Have you told anyone else at work in confidence and they have spilled the beans (thats what happened to me and I was furious).

    Some women do glow in pregnancy so maybe you look a bit different, especially to women who have had children already.
  • My mum can sometimes tell just to look at people. When I first was pregnant she asked me when I was only six weeks gone- it wasn't nice coz I wasn't ready to tell her but as it was my mum I didn't want to lie so just said yes!!

    Also a couple of years ago my mum said she thot our next door neighbour might be pegnant- I asked her why she thot this and she couldn't give any real reason- about two weeks later our neighbour told us she was pregnant.

    She is a freaky woman
  • Not told anyone at work at all & I am in an office alll on my own so no chance of seeing a sneaky web page or hearing the goss! I am so spooked!
  • I would be a bit annoyed if someone asked me that before I was ready to announce it - am I just being a hormonal grump? Some people really do have a bit of an intuition for that sort of thing, you should just lie until you are ready to tell everyone.
  • I've had this happen to me but I wasn't pregnant (but at the time was hoping I was) a work colleague asked me if i was as I looked really serene! whatever that meant but I wasn't. I've also had people blab - a few years ago I found out i was pg, told MIL and she blabbed, a few wks later I miscarried and the people she blabbed to came up to congratulate me - I was soooo upset! Nx time will only tell my mum and manager until im at least 12wks!
  • Mt friend asked me at 7 1/2 weeks if I was pregnant.. I said no and she called me a liar, she said I had a certain glow about me and could tell that I was pregnant....

    X x
  • I had this I told a friend in confidence she told her bf who told everyone then I was in agony thought I was miscarryng turned into a complete wreak and it took me months to forgive her I am now 32 wks but it really took the joy out of it for me as I wanted to tell people when I was ready and when I was in such pain and people kept saying I hear you are pregnant it was horrible as I thought I was losing him. I wouldn't have minded if someone had guessed but I was furious my friend let me down like that and really hurt as I thoght I could trust her - she know I had m/c before so know why I wanted it kept quiet until I was sure all ok.
  • Is it an older women? They are often very good at telling by the changes in your face. It's odd but it works.
  • people have been asking me since i was about 5weeks lol, i just say no, im almost 20weeks now and still not told anyone, i was sat in my in laws yesterday and my father in law just came out and said have you got a bun in the oven and i nearly choked on my tea lol, i said no cause my partner wants to tell them, im gonna stard telling after 20week scan on thursday i think.

  • Its so rude and annoying when people just ask you! If I'd wanted everyone to know in the early stages you'd tell them! I had people gossiping behind my back at work cause clearly wearing (non maternity) smock tops must mean I'm pregnant!! They hadn't noticed the maternity pants... just the fact that I got new tops!

    Have you changed any habits at all that might give people a clue? When the girl I work with was pregnant, she started eating being oblivious joked that she had worms!! Someone else at work put that together with her not drinking on a night out and switching to decaf tea and coffee and guessed - but didn't ask! Also anything as simple as a doctors appointment can make people suspicious if they are like that!

    My ex-boss used to ask me if I was pregnant any time I mentioned feeling sick or having a docs appt!

    I think its just people gossiping tbh - rather than some mysterious way of knowing!
  • Hi girls

    People were like that at my work too - constantly asking me questions like had i been to the pub at the weekend and another asked if i celebrated my 30th by having a few drinks and i just said no i hadnt (which i suppose gave it away) and then another colleague got suspicious as i had my booking in appointment and she wondered why i was at the 'dentist' so long. Then other colleagues were guessing as they said i kept going to the loo (which tbh didnt go any more frequently than i usually did!). After i announced it officially at around 13 weeks one colleague said to me 'well i thought you were pregnant coz you are starting to show' which i didnt think i was at all and think i have only just started to show these last few weeks (at around 18 - 19 wks)

  • My MALE boss knew I was pregnant before I did, i was so embarrased when i had to go back to him saying he was right!!!
  • when i was first preg my mum took one look at me and smiled- iknew straight away that she knew but neither of us said anything ( ihad had a MC 2 months prior so she knew i prob wanted to keep it to myself for a while until i was a bit further on!!) but when i did start telling everyone, they all just smiled at me and said 'yes thought so!!' bit disappointing really,ruinned the excitment of telling people lol!!

    samantha 33+2
  • Girls from my work knew for weeks before i told them, but they didn't want to mention it incase i took it the worng way and felt insulted! I thought it was kinda sweet as they were keeping an eye on my and i didn't know.
  • Whilst we were on holiday in Oct 07 a lady we had never met asked us if we had any babies, we replied "no" (as we don't yet) she said "you will have very soon". A week after we returned I found out I was pregnant! Some people can just tell!! I must have only been about 2 weeks when she said this to me.
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