movements at 27 weeks...

Just wanted everyones experiences of movements at my stage really.
I know a few of you are getting really kicked and punched throughout the day and night, sometimes to the point of pain or annoyance.....
I get regualr feelings but none like punhces or kicks. Def little one, but just little movements (above belly button now but also like butterflies down the bottom as well). I can feel them with my hand on the outside but they are not strong enough to hurt or cause discomfort or keep me up at night.
Not that I'm compaining about that (!), I'm just wondering how everyone else is feeling their little ones?
I know some of you say you can feel them turning etc.... and get big punches and kicks but I don't even know where my lo is and neither does my mw yet!
Is this normal or should the kicks be stronger?
Opinions appreciated.

27+4. xx


  • Hi I am 27+2 weeks and I feel a lot of hard thumps now and you can see them from the outside too. I also have lumps that stick out which are his elbows/knees!

    I have had this for a while now and has recentle completely calmed dow as I am carrying too much water so sometimes it buffers the force of the movements. Do you know where your placenta is lying as I have heard others talk about their positions of placenta preventing them from feeling movements too.

    Not sure how this helps but good luck


  • That's what concerns me Zo, cause I knew you had....
    I have got a very big bump that is hard but did have a fattish belly before pregnancy so maybe as you say, its the extra 'fat' that is cushioning it.
    According to my week scan (which feels like forever ago) my placenta is in the 'perfect position', whatever the hell that means!!
  • That was supposed to be 20 week scan, not 'week scan'!

  • Maybe mention it again to your mw when you see her next, Where I felt lo move so much now it has slowed down it gets quite worrying but as long as your feeling something at least 10 times a day it should be fine.


  • OK, thanks guys. Going in for my GTT on Thurs so will ask then. As you say, while she is moving I am happy and should probably make the most of the 'nice' feelings before they get more hefty!!
  • Probably once you start feeling regular movements my mw has always asked if I am feeling at least 10 a day. You prob know that you feel a huge load more than 10 a day its just a guide for them to make sure you are feeling enough.


  • Don't worry. My movements aren't painful at all, most of the time I can't even feel them! The other day I was lying on my side, turned onto my back and was shocked to see a sharp pointy thing (elbow??) gliding across the surface of my stomach!

    I didn't start feeling the different bits of my baby until about 33 weeks...I've never felt hard kicks either, more like wriggles, it used to feel like there was a snake in there! xxx

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