please help? am i losing my baby? UPDATED

morning all.

when i went to the loo at bedtime last night when i wiped there was some blood. it was obviously new blood - quite pinky / reddish.
there were lots of tears on my part but as it was the middle of the night not much i ould do.
it carried on through the night but i think its now stopped.
ive got the number for epu but its not open yet.
do i ring them or my gp?

im so scared.

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  • Hi Hon,

    Try not to worry I have had 3 bleeds and everything is fine, it's more common than you may think.

    I would ring your gp as if it's same as mine they need to refer you to epu anyway. Just try and stay calm, I know it's easier said than done.

    Thoughts are with you hon

    Sazzle 14+3
  • Ring both thats what I would do anyway good luck I'm sure its fine xx
  • yeh most of the time you need to be refered to epu, you cant usually just make appointment through them but everywhere is different. If your doctors not much help then give them a ring after and see what they will do for you. you only recently got bfp didnt you? im only asking because they wont scan you usually until your about 6 weeks as they cant see anything alot of the time before 6 weeks.
    good luck, im sure its ok, it is very common to bleed in early pregnancy
    charlie x
  • phoned epu - they said go to a&e and book in there and come up to them - going now. x
  • oh no hun I know exactly how you feel and I am so sorry you are going through this too. I spoke to a doctor yesterday and was advised that as long as the bleeding had stopped and i wasnt in any pain to try not to worry as bleeding in early pregnancy is common and very often all turns out well. I know hearing that doesnt help as I am still very upset and scared by it. I have everything crossed for us both.
    Lisa xxx
  • Good luck may just be some early bleeding which is very common. Try not to worry too much hun...thinking of you... x x
  • Good luck hun got everything crossed for you
  • good luck hun, hope everything goes well for you.

  • good luck hun - quite alot of us have had this, try not to stress (maybe i shld listen to myself mm!) ....i hope everything works out (for all us girls) xxx
  • any news mrsN? Im thinking of you and praying everything is ok.
    Big hugs

    Lisa xxx
  • Good luck honey I am thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi girls - well what an awful night / morning.
    Went to a&e - saw the triage nurse who filled out some paperwork then i went straight up to epu.
    They did some bloods and told me my scan could be done at 1 oclock.
    By the time 1 came I was so worked up.
    Anyway, sonographer couldn't see anything when she scanned my tummy (well she said she could see a sac but no baby) and I started to panic.
    She then did an internal scan and there it was - my little bean with a heart beat.
    She looked around some more and said I have 2 cysts on each ovary and she felt one had burst, thus causing the bleeding.
    they said it was nothing to worry about but that it may happen again and to go back if pattern of bleeding changes.
    I feel so overwhelmed - I saw my babies heart beat but I really am fearing the worst!!
    thanks for all your kind words girls xxx

    PS - they also said I was measuring at 6 weeks and 5 days which is 6 days ledd than we had it, but no big deal.

  • Ah MrsN, I'm so sorry you've had to go through this - can't imagine how scared you must have been. Thank goodness your little bean is ok - and how wonderful that you saw the heart beat!
    Hope everything is ok from now on x
  • Aw i'm filling up! i'm so happy for you! there is nothing like that fear! time just drags, its awful!
    Good luck
  • OMG thank god I was sooo worried about you, I am so please dlittle bean is doing well and now you know what that bleeding is all about. I am so pleased babe.

    K xx
  • so pleased that everything is ok hun take care of yourself


  • thanks girls - you are all so lovely.
    fingers crossed they'll be no more scares!!
    i cant stop looking at the pic - its so amazing. i keep welling up with joy - please god all stays well.
  • I'm glad everything is okay. I had a bleed at the weekend and know how awful it is.

    Love K x x
  • thanks K - r u ok hun? xxx
    I'm just going to try and relax as much as poss til i get to 12 week scan - i hope these weeks go quickly!!
  • Oh gosh, flower, what a horrible scare. I'm so, so pleased all is well. Look after yourself and take care. xx
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