Teachers with morning sickness?!

Hi ladies and bumps,

Well I'm 7 and a half weeks now and the morning sickness has well and truly kicked in - I feel awful and have to force myself to eat. Now I'm not saying it would be easy in an office job, but as I teach 7 year olds, I can't just run out and leave them for 20 minutes whilst I'm in the loo.... How do you cope?

I feel very guilty but I've rung in sick today - having a particularly bad day and can't be more than 2 metres from my bathroom, but I can't do that everyday for the next 5+ weeks?!!

Any other puking teachers out there?!



  • Thanks for your reply Zammo. I'm so sorry that this happened to you how unfair! They definitely aren't allowed to discriminate because of this so good luck getting justice - let us know how you get on.

    The worst part of the day for me is that I have to eat lunch with the kids and serve up their meals. Just the thought of all that food... urgh :\( Think I will have to chat to my boss tomorrow about adjusting what I do because there is no chance I can serve up turkey meatballs everyday without being sick....

  • I'm not a teacher but I work at a school and my sickness was horrendous. I was very lucky that I had a very understanding head, who I told I was pg straight away and she was very sympathetic.
    Do you have a good relationship with your LSA? I know it is not ideal but if you could confide in them perhaps they will be able to take over when you need to leave suddenly???

    Sorry, I'm not sure that is much help. Good luck and hopefully it will ease up soon. It really is the worst thing about being pg isn't it! xxx
  • HI coco- I can totally sympathise with you.
    im not a teacher but a social worker - Im currently on second week of beng signed off sick due to severe vomitting, exhaustion and dehydration. There is no way i could do my job in this state - I feel so so guilty. I love all the children i wok with and worry about them whilst Im off, but you have to put yourself first!! If you need more time off, please take it. I was getting myself so worked up about it and hubby had to tell me off!!

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