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How much weight has evry1 put on. Im 27+3 and hav put on bout 14lbs. x


  • I'm 29+6 and I've put on 21lbs!!! I must be massive compared to you lot
  • Don't worry KThom - I'm only 17 weeks (18 tomoz) and I've put on 15lbs - i'll be lucky if I've only put on 21 by the time I'm 30 weeks!!! xxx
  • I went from 7st 6lbs (only little image) to 7st 2lbs in my first trimester through awful morning sickness! I now weigh a mighty 8st 2lbs at 23 weeks though so thats a gain of 10lbs overall! I read that if your BMI is low to begin with you are likely to put on a lot more weight, but if you are bigger to begin with then you may only put on a few pounds.
  • I've put on around 20lbs and i'm 30 wks - all the weight i think has went on to my thighs and boobs:\(
  • Hi

    I put on a total of 30lbs over my 42 weeks of pregnancy. has a pregnancy weight gain chart which allows you to enter your pre-pregnancy weight and it predicts a week-by-week healthy weight gain. It is only a guide, pregnancy is really not the time to be watching your weight too closely.

    I continued to eat healthily post-pregnancy, walk for an hour a day and I'm breastfeeding. At my 6 week check I was 2lbs heavier than my pre-preg weight. I have no idea what I weigh now cos I don't have scales but I can fit into my pre-preg clothes and some are even a little loose around the thighs and bum (I think its all the walking).

    I know its really boring and slightly preachy but just eat healthily, exercise in moderation and relax.

    Liz x
  • Sorry if i upset anyone but i am 25 weeks and haven't not put on even 1lb.
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