Hi I am new, due Sept


After months of reading all your comments & experiences I thought it was time I joined in.

My baby is due on 4th Sept, I am 14 weeks today. It's my 1st apart from I did have a MC in November 07 at 9 weeks, I then fell pregnant again 2-3 weeks after MC and fingers crossed all is going well.

I Had a private scan at 11 weeks as I could not wait! all was fine saw heartbeat and lo waving so I am beginning to relax and stop worrying!!!


  • Hi,

    Thankyou for your reply.

    Yes it was hard but i am a great believer that things happen for a reason.

    Take care xx
  • Hi BB08, Welcome to the mad world that is pregnancy, ha ha ha. I hope u find this site as useful as i have, not just for vital info but for the odd chit chat wen ur feeling abit down. My god-daughter was born on 4th sept, so a memorable date for me. Kerry xxx

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