Is there a limit I can take?

I packed my hospital bags this week, I've read all the threads about what to put in etc but I have ended up with 2 cases! One medium size one for me in labour and after and another small travel case for baby's stuff.

I found it so hard to pick outfits for LO that I ended up doing what i do when I go and see my girlies for a weekend and putting 2 or 3 outfits in. I also have been given lots of premature and early baby stuff so I thought it best to take a few of each size just in case, obviously if it gets to 40 weeks I can take the smaller ones out but they're only tiny and don't take up much room anyway.

Will the hospital say i have too much and tell me I can't take it all in?

Em x


  • I have got two bags too, one weekend bag for me and then the changing bag that came with the pram for baby. I dont think you need to worry too much about having clothes in different sizes for baby as your oh can always bring in extra when visiting. If baby is very early the hospital have a small amount of standby nappies etc and wouldnt expect you to be prepared for that.
    As long as it all fits into your bedside cupboard I dont see what they can say.
  • hmmmm I think mine's a bit bigger than that, babies case is like the weekend bag and mine is a small suitcase!!! Eek! I don't think it'll all go in, I suppose hubby can leave one in the car, I hate to think i wish had taken something but left it behind.
  • I was thinking of asking for my own room too, but from what i gather I think it depends on availability at ours and not something you can book upfront, going to take a tour on Wednesday so will see what they say.

    Will your OH be able to stay with you for as long as you want Zoey with it being a private room? My hubby wants to stay with me as long as he can.

    When my friend had her little boy (at another hospital) the minute she got on the ward he had to leave as it was 11ish at night. She hadn't had baby that long.

    Em x
  • hello, mumdonna mentioned that so long as it fits in the bedside cabinet your ok. If there the same ones like on the wards in a general hospital, they are quite small. However, you can pile clothes on top of each other and cram them in. I've just started min and am using my w/e suitcase on wheels. my towel seems to take up half the space!

    If your having trouble fitting things in your bag, rolling up your clothes helps make room for more! I foudn this out when we went on honeymoon! xxx
  • Hey

    I'm gatecashing from baby! I took 3 bags!!! one for my stuff inc towels and clothes and another with my soap, shampoo etc and then another with my babies things in. Trust me you cant take enough! You have to be prepared incase you need to stay in for any reason. I ended up in hospital for a week so my hubby had to keep bringing me things and taking washing home. Remember to take your dressing gown, it was the one thing i forgot and turned out to be one of the most important things!!! Take nice big towels aswell!


    Good Luck!
    Lucy and Bella
  • Thanks everyone, might look silly taking it all in, but I WILL fit it all in, even if I can't shut the door. Don't feel so over the top now.
    Em x
  • I have a weekend bag for me & changing bag for baby (it's almost as big as the weekend bag though!)

    I tried to get everything as small as possible. I bought a new dressing gown which seemed like a rip-off as I have 2 already but I wanted a really lightweight one that wouldn't take up room so you could do that if you haven't already. Trainer socks instead of thick ones. Smaller bottles of shampoo or a mini all makes it fit a bit better!!

    I know how u feel though as my bags barely zipped up. I wouldn't worry, as they can't tell you that you have too much when all the lists are sooo stupidly long.


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