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Dropped bump?

Hey all.

Now i always thought that when u were near the end and getting ready to give birth your bumped dropped. Am i right or is this just a myth? As everyone keeps telling me how low my bump is now and that it has certainly dropped. I am only 34 +2 weeks but i did have some issues with my due date.

Rach x


  • Try not to panic, your bump can drop early but its just baby moving downwards, soon youll then start to engage but dont worry it can be weeks before it starts to happen image x
  • Hiya, my bump dropped aout 4 weeks ago at 33 weeks and the head was 3/5 engaged. I was pleased as this provided some relief from the little thing living under my ribs which was the most uncomfy I have ever been!!!
  • Hi I'm 34+1 weeks and I noticed the bump has dropped, mention to my m/w and shesaid it was just baby getting into right position. Mine has started to engage but is my 3rd and they can engage during labour, with my first I was fully engaged two weeks b4 due date and he was still a week late. Lisa xxx
  • Thanks everyone. I really noticed it had dropped when i tried to balance my glass on bump!! Was able to do this last week and now i cant. that was my party trick!! well im at mw in another week so will ask then see if she can tell me how things are progressing!
  • Well at 36+2 I'm still waiting for my bump to drop! xxx
  • Hi, I am 34 weeks today and my bump dropped like week and a half ago , when I had my last scan at 32 weeks my babies were head down, so from reading this stuff my babies are due in 2weeks????
  • My baby is head down and 3/5 engaged but bump definitely not dropped! I'm all confused now!!!
  • I think it depends on how long your baby is. My bump hasnt dropped but apparently she is quite long. She is 4/5 engaged too.

    Hope this helps

    Sarah 40+5 x
  • Hi i am 4/5 engaged and i have only dropped a little bit i think my lo is quite long too.
    Lin 38wks
  • How do you know how much you are engaged?
  • Your midwife should tell you?
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