Back aching at 6 weeks, normal?

I'm 6 + 2 and have had an aching back all through the night and this morning. Is this normal?


  • Yeah I've had really bad backache and was told by my widwife that it's pretty normal, I'm now 8+5 and it has eased off!!!
    Good luck, I used a hot water bottle!!!
  • Yeah its normal, its where everything is stretching and loosening and changing ! It'll go, but come back with avengence in the third trimester !

    MrsW 38+4
  • I had this too - sort of just above my cocyx - was really painful getting in and out the car and moving in bed - eased off by about 8 weeks same as BeckyLou - my doc said it was where my pelvis was stretching etc I also slipped on the ice and fell on my knee which made it worse!!! Hope it eases off soon - my doc did say it was fine to take paracetamol if it was troubling my sleep...but you might want to check with your doc to be safe image
  • Oh my, at 6 weeks everything was aching!! My legs, back and hips!!
    Luckily it started to ease off about 10 weeks but I have trouble with my back anyway so it may be sooner for you
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