tight chest when i wake up, any ideas?

hi i am 18 weeks and have a really tight chest, quite hard to breathe only when i wake up, but i am fine after 10 mins or so and dont think i have this feeling any other time of the day? i didnt have this last time i was preg and certainly wasnt breathless until much later on in pregnancy, does anyone know if this is normal for pregnancy or what it could be a sign of? im not sure if i should see a doctor or a midwofe, whwther its preg related or some other medical thinkg where i should see a doctor?.. i have had it about a month now, maybe more, and dont get it every morning, but most mornings, i have tried not wearing a bra etc incase its that, and its also happened when sleeping in differnt rooms so its not to do with temperature, heating etc..anyone any ideas?


  • hmmmm thats a toughy is it the position your lay in? or maybe baby sat close to lungs and kicking them while your laydown?
  • Maybe you have been lying on your back. Lying down makesme breathless at 27 weeks and I've been like that for about a month.
  • hey, I'm 13+2 and I've had something similar. I had an appt with the midwife this morning and mentioned it to her - she says i might be slightly anaemic? It's only happened to me a couple of times but it's been when lying down too.
  • Make sure you aren't lying on your back - apparently the baby & uterus squash your arteries and slow down the blood to the heart - I found that this was making me very breathless and light headed when I woke up. Inevitably you will probably be fidgiting all night soon anyway image

    I was also anaemic and kept getting the shortness of breathe and tiredness until I started taking iron tablets... you should have a blood test fairly regularly when you see the midwife.

    Good luck xx
  • hi thanks everyone, i do sleep on my back mostly, hadnt thought of that. i have made an appt with doc for tomorrow anyway, so i will see what she says (was quicker to get appt with doc than waiting on midwife).i googlesd it and it said either heart disease or pre-eclampsia so that kind of freaked me out!!
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