im 9 weeks today, and i feel so wierd!
some times today ive felt really preg eg sickness heartburn headaches,
but other times i havnt and now i got all sorts runnin thru my head like what if i miscarry, wat if im too big to carry a baby full term (im a size 18-20)
im so hormonal as well kepp goin in moods all the time for no reason!
it feels as if im goin mad! keep pickin at OH for no aparrant reason!
which must drive him mad! i know it would me!
i feel so silly typing this!
any replys would be great x

bec x x :cry:


  • Relax hun, all my symptoms had gone by 10 weeks and the only symptom I had was sickness anyway. I had days where I felt really sick and times when I felt great! (Mainly sick though!)

    As for all the rest...Peeing a lot, heartburn, sore boobs etc etc...I never had any of them and still dont. I'm just happy it's going nice and easy!

    Bigger women have babies every day, as far as I know unless you're severely obese, which you arent, then it isnt a problem. Sure everythings fine x x x x x
  • thanks hun! im 16.5 stone and 5 ft 6 so thats not severly obese! i do need the loo all the time and boobs hurt alot esp nipples (sorry) i just panic over every thing i guess its just my hormones playin with me!
    think i just needed a lil reasurance lol image
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