I think i'm falling apart :(

Well, to add to the insomnia (which actually has settled a little since i've taken all advice from you lovely ladies re hot chocolate/bath/relaxation) I keep waking up now in severe pain! The last few nights i've woken up with a weird pain in my back, coming round to just under my boobs on the right side. Its worse when i lie on that side and when i breathe in. But last night it was agony whichever way i tried to lie other than flat on my back, which then made me feel like i was being crushed by the baby weight!! Got up this morning and its no better, it hurts whenever i try to breathe or move, so i've booked in to see the doctor at 12.05 to get looked at, and find out if there is anything else i can take for the pain, as paracetamol doesnt touch it at all, and i dont want to keep taking it if its having no effect.
Do you think this is pregnancy related? I dont think it is really, as its nowhere near my bump? But also today i've been having really painful BH like every half an hour or so, and thats just adding to my pain!
I feel like a right old misery guts lately, i hate making a fuss or having people think i'm struggling, and lately all i've been doing is grumbling!! :cry:


  • hi lynz, this is the same pain i'm having- i posted about it a few wks ago! its a bloody nightmare, i cant sleep beacuse of it, my oh has to get me in and out of bed its so bad!

    i went to see Dr about it who just said its ligaments, when i rang hospital they said it was heart burn!!

    so as you see i'm a great help to you lynz!
  • Thanks waterbaby, it is a help because at least i know there may well be an explanation! I wondered if it might be ligament pain, its horrible isnt it! I've had heartburn a lot, its definately not that! I love the way the hospital can make that kind of diagnosis lol. It annoys me how wherever you go for whatever problem, they see your bump and blame your pregnancy! xx
  • your leg could be hanging off..... "oh its pregnancy related" bloody Drs!!
    i'm getting a hell of a lot of hb aswell.
    Let me know what your Dr thinks it is- then we can decide what answer we like best : )
  • lol, i will do. What also makes me laugh is that my doctors surgery insist onyou taking a urine sample to every app if you're preg, so even though this pain is nothing to do with my waterworks, i stillhave to try to catch a sample in one of those stupid bottles!! I doubt rib pain would be pregnancy and urinary tract related, but i guess you never know!! I'll let you know what my doc says and then perhaps we can come up with our own diagnosis. Although if he does that stupid shrug they do and informs me "thats pregnancy" i think i might throttle him!!!
  • Oh, and just an old wives tale here, but apparently lots of heartburn means your baby has lots of hair. It worked with my boys, they were both born with mohicans!
  • yeah my mum says that about hb- i imagine my baby being born with loads of dark hair (even though me and oh are fair)

    i've mastered the art of peeing in them tiny bottles i've done it that often! so obviously designed by men for men!!!

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  • I think all things pregnancy related were invented by men!! lol
  • from what i've been told about gas and air- that surely was thought up by a woman though
  • Well, back from the doctors. I saw a different one due to being on the emergency list, and he was HOT!!!!! A lovely Irish man, very nice to look at AND to listen to! But i'm getting off the point. He was very sympathetic, had a listen to my chest (highly embarrassing as i was wearing my oldest most manky bra) and said that its not preg related at all, its to do with the cartiledge (sp) between my ribs. Sometimes it can swell which causes pain. He gave me cocodamol, but urged me to use with caution, ie only when i really cant cope with the pain, as there is a chance the baby can become addicted if you use it constantly. The dose he gave me is for 2 4 times a day, but i think i'll just take one before i go to bed and see how i get on.
    BP was up, its 138/84, so not terrible but creeping up! He said it may be because i'm in pain, so have to go back in a week to make sure its gone down, but go back sooner if i get any other PE symptoms (there was also a trace of protein in my urine but i've had no other symptoms and am seeing consultant Monday so i'll wait til then and see what they say) And...I now know why they always dip pregnant womens wee, i have a UTI!!! So been put on antibiotics for that.
    I was so impressed with the doc though in all seriousness, he was so sympathetic and kind, and explained everything as he was doing it, what he thought it could be and why he'd come to the conclusion he did, and was just really lovely! So i think from now on i'll always ask to see him if i need to see a doctor! Just cheering myself up now with some canneloni and fanta lol. So waterbaby, if yours is the same as mine, we r not imagining things, and its nothing to do with the baby!!!
  • more to the point Lynz the Dr was hot!!! i love it when that happens!!!! I saw a really hot trainee dr when i was last in hosp. I was soooo embarressed as i had to discuss my cm with him!!! He had such a gentle touch (ohh that sounds a bit wrong!)

    but anyway back to the pain- i've been taking cocodomal only at night though, tbh it does nothing for me. Hope it does for you
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