winter coat?!

Can I find one anywhere?? Nope, and it's starting to annoy me slightly. It's as if pregnant women don't need to wear coats at all in the winter! Could anyone recommend where to get a warm, cheap-ish coat as I'm now 21 weeks and bursting out my old ones!
I live in macclesfield cheshire - we only have a Mothercare locally (with no coats!) or I have to traipse into Manchester. I've looked at H&M and Dorothy Perkins but couldn't see anything. Any ideas?!!

Thanks, Em


  • What about evans they start from a size 14.
    vikki xx
  • debenhams have one in their red herring range, i think m&s online has some good winter knits too if you cant find a coat. if you cant find one have a look at the wraps/shawls, they look quite nice on and are flattering i think! m&s have a good selection of these too!
  • i couldn't find any anywhere so now i'm just wearing the ones from before i was pregnant with a big scarf or if we go for a walk i just wear one of my hubbys as i'm now 31+6 so can't see the point in spending money on one now!

    Must admit maternity clothing isn't good at all i've spent weeks trying to get some comfy combats and can't find any in my size the only sizes they have had are either a 6 or an 8!!!! prob couldn't fit one of my huge swollen ankles into the leg!! x x

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  • I've been having this problem, I did see a gorgeous coat in merry hill H&M but it was expensive and didn't look very warm (although it was gorgeous on and would have looked amazing even if u werent pregnant.)

    So I've just been freezing to death :lol: Until today when I dug out my Pineapple coat that I used to wear 2 school, it's a bit chavvy but has a kinda elasticy bit on the waist so it works with a bump.
    20+5 x x x
  • Red Herring in Debenhams have at least 2 winter coat designs - I bought one during one of their 4 day pre-xmas sale things. If you can wait until sales you should get it cheaper - and it should be online as well!
  • I bought a size 16 big thick, chunky, long cardigan from Peacocks for ??12 and then wear a scarf and big jumpers with it.

    Can't see the point in spending a lot on a coat you're only going to wear for a few weeks.

    I'm 38+5 weeks now and I've gone through so many maternity clothes in different sizes that it's ridiculous - the best maternity ranges I've found are Peacocks and Dorothy Perkins - cheap and you don't mind only wearing them a few times!
    What annoys me is that shops tell you to buy your normal size in a maternity version - I don't think these people have ever been pregnant - do they not realise that you get big everywhere else!!!

  • Next have this maternity jacket...

    I didn't really want to buy a maternity coat as I thought it would be such a waste of money so I bought this coat from Next...

    It is not maternity but the cut of it means it goes over my bump well, I bought it about 8 weeks ago and I am 36 weeks now and it still fits fine, it also means that I will be able to wear it again next winter as it is just my normal size.
  • I bought a Berghaus coat, one that isn't fitted around the belly, they are not exactly slimming but its warm and will fit me almost all the way through i think.

    FAO Gem24, i got some combats from New look the other day, Mauve-grey colour for ??20 (and im a size 12) they have a sale on in New Look now too so had loads of cheap stuff in!

    Dorothy perkins have some Hooded tops for about ??15 which are good for under your pre pregnancy coat if you leave it open!

    Lis x x
  • Thanks all! I'll have a look at Debenhams and Next.
    Listef - I also have my north face 'puffy' coat which still fits me, but I know what you mean about not being slimming! I look like an inflatable red snowman in it - but I guess it is warm. It won't stretch for too much longer though so I'll try some of the suggestions here. Thanks again.
  • Hi I wanted to stay in fashion, but without buying a maternity coat.. i spent a whole day trying on coats, but couldnt find the style I wanted. Then i found one... its a thick chunky swing style coat in black, and cos of style will fit after the baby. I got it in my normal size too.. and loadsa growth in it.
    Its from BHS and was 65.00... have a look if you can afford it, or watch for it coming in the sales.
    caz x
  • Well I got mine in Primark for ??15!!! It has a hood, it's just down to my waist and it only have buttons at the top so it has plenty of room. They do it in loads of colours and even has a button at the back you can let out for extra room!!! It's lovely and warm too. It has been a total lifesaver! I'm 27 weeks and it still has hundreds of growing space.
  • I was heavily pregnant last winter and just got a normal coat from Primark too for a tenner!!! Can't go wrong! I just got it a few sizes too big so it fitted over the bump. Theres no point spending loads of money for a coat you'll only be wearing for a few months. Happy shopping x x x
  • any idea where to get bigger sizes from.... i was a 20 b4 preggies but no maternity stuff goes that big image its soooo not fair!
  • crochetmom have you tried evans maternity range hun ?
  • next have a nice maternity jacket online, not exactly a winter one but pretty soon you are gonna start to feel really warm all the time anyway-i did!!!
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