fao Tiger Lily...

I remember you saying that you have an anterior placenta and I found out at my scan that mine is too. Does it really stop you from feeling your baby a lot?? I have felt her quite a bit, but I hope that is not the most I will feel as I loved feeling my first daughters kicks, especially as she got bigger hehe.
Thanks hun.
Faith 20 weeks.xxx


  • Hi - I think it depends what position it's in tbh. Does it say 'anterior high' or just 'anterior not low'? Mine is the last one which means its in the middle and can stop you feeling movements. I first felt movement at 19 weeks but it was very easy to miss & they weren't proper movements until about 24 weeks. After about week 30 though they get more obvious and its great! It was annoying at first cos everyone seemed to feel their lo more than me but I like it now, cos the movements aren't painful and I think they can be for some women at this stage. I wouldnt worry especially as its your 2nd baby. You get used to what is the right amount of movements for your baby, mine is pretty quiet but lets me know when hes OK xxx
  • Yeah mines anterior not low too, she said it would just 'deaden the sensation' a bit.
    I can't wait to get proper kicks now! Have been feeling her since about 16 weeks and they are gradually getting stronger. Like you said, at least the kicks won't hurt and hopefully won't keep me awake at night lol.

    Thanks for the reply hun!xxx
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