How are all the daddies-to-be?

As the title says really - how are your other halves doing?

Up til now mine has worried me a bit as he hasn't exactly been making any more effort around the house or showing a huge interest in the pregnancy - but just in the past week or so he's been getting noticeably more excited, which has made ME more excited!

The movement is very visible and distinctive now, and it's as though it's suddenly hit home that his baby is real, and coming out to meet him soon! He talks to the bump now and kisses it, and asks how our days have been. He talks lots about how our lives are going to change. He's also been a bit more protective and considerate which I really appreciate.

I am so excited about making him a daddy! image He's going to be so good at it. I really hope our baby looks like him.



  • erm my hunk is very excited an has been a total rock, doing the chores etc taking care of me! as usual but that much more because he's taken care of two heheh soo sweet he was checking all the lil baby clothes out today all the lil baby outfits an snow coats was just sweet to see him so interested

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  • PTB - that has cheered me up no end!

    I think my DH is a bit distanced from it all at the moment. He has sweetly done lots around the house, and taken care of me, but I don't think the idea of the baby is actually very real yet.

    When I was thinking about the scan on Wednesday, I was asking who he was going to tell first, and was he going to phone or text etc, and he didn't really look up from his computer when he said "I've not made a communications plan. I'll just tell people as and when it comes up." And that devastated me!

    I cannot wait to actually look pregnant so he can feel more involved, and hopefully join me in the excitement.
  • mine has finally realised the truth there is a baby in there im not just putting weight on :lol:
    hes started to get more excited as each day gets a little closer to meeting lo been a big help this past week and now were moving hes started to realise all ive done these past couple of weeks to sort things out ive been given time out time he'll be packing house whilst ill relax bless him wish he'll be like this all the time :lol:

    to be honest i didnt think hell change his lazy ways but he really has and im so glad to make him a dad now :\)

    36 + 1 day x x
  • My dh has been as into each pregnancy as the 1st!!! Hates me doing too much round the house.....although it's a bit difficult this time round to leave it to him as he has his back trouble and can't do as much as he'd like to.

    My 3 older kids all call my bump by the name we've chosen for him, which I think is lovely and my eldest son, who is nearly 4, regularly gives bump a cuddle n kiss image
  • Mine is absolutely cacking himself :lol: He is very excited, but with 18 days to go things are getting a little hairy and he is staying in more (he plays for 2 brass bands and has practice in the week) as he is scared to leave me. If I ring him, he say's his heart stops!!

    He is also very worried about me, my SPD pains are really sore and when he rang earlier to say hello he caught me the middle of a bloody good cry :cry:
  • My dh has been fantastic the whole way through the pregnancy. In the very early stages when I was feeling sick and was sleeping all the time he'd bring me breakfast in bed and do all the housework, I didn't need to lift a finger. In fact, he's done that all the way through and has really looked after me and bump. He gets very protective of the 2 of us whenever we go out and he's always putting his hand on my bump and talking to baby J. He doesn't let me lift anything heavy and because of my SPD he doesn't let me wash or dry the pots as he knows it's too painful for me to stand for too long!

    He's so excited about meeting his son and I absolutely cannot wait to see him holding our little boy for the very first time. It makes me well up just thinking about it! image

    He's going to be such a great daddy image

  • Oh these are so heartwarming! :\)

    The nearer I get to my due date the more I realise how lost I'd be (pregnant or not) without my lovely hubby :\) :\)


    Blurgh, how cheesy I am today! (not literally).
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