Cosatto YOU2 twin stroller 'V' Phil & Ted Sport

Hi, I have been trying to find a twin stroller or tandem for months now. My son will be 22.5 months when my little one is born in two week. Only my son is very tall and weighs 2.5 stone already. Most twins and tandems are not big enough for him. He seems to fit in the two mentioned above, does anyone have any good or bad points they can share with my regarding these two buggies?

Thank you.


  • My lo will be 22 months when number 2 is born in June and we have gone for the Phil and Ted's. For me the cosatto would have been no good as I walk a lot on footpaths and needed something with big wheels, all the footpaths round here have gates that are too wide to get a twin pushchair through as well! The other big advantage of the Phil and Ted's is that you can use it as either a double or a single so you don't have to guess which to take out with you if you think that the older one might want to walk.
    Hope that helps,
    Kerry xx
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