40 + 3 and running after my toddler... so hard!....

hi again ladies... :cry:
i feel really weepy today and feel im letting my son down. he's 21 months old and hard work to run around after while this pregnant. i just cant do anything with him as ive got so many aches and pains from baby.
feel like she is never coming out and i dont feel i have anyone to help out in the day.
im a stay at home mum so its hard work keeping him occupied all day when im feeling so immobile!...

is anyone else in the same situation right now?...

em x


  • Sorry I read this and had to reply. I'm only 37+5 but I kind of know how you feel as I have a 28 month old. I just wanted to say keep your chin up your little princess will be here soon and dont feel like ur letting him down. I'm sure your doin a brill job. Sorry Iv not been much help but I just had to send you a big hug after reading ur post....x
  • Oh honey i know exactly how you feel. My little girl was almost 21 months when i went 6 days over with my little boy - so frustrating and uncomfortable i remember the day before he was born going on a complete mission to get him out, i spent the whole evening sat on my birthball rocking my hips and then embarked on a mammoth sex session sorry tmi before going to sleep. However i think my attempts were somewhat over effective as the next morning he arrived at 7.34am after only a 21min warning / labour delivered by my petrified hubby on the bedroom floor so be warned lol. I'm currently 20 wks pregnant with number 3 and when this one arrives my little girl will be 3 1/2 and my little boy will be 21 months and it will be August and hot bleurgh! Good Luck
    Jo xxxxxxx
  • thanks for your replies ladies....
    really appreciate it....

    thanks for your big cyber hug katie and jojomummy!.. how on earth did you bring yourslef to have a sex session 6 days over!... you brave lady!..
    theres no hope of me and hubby doing this with how uncomfortable i feel....
    im due for a sweep tomorrow and have never had one before so im nervous....

    thank you both so much for taking the time to reply.
  • It was a desperate act of mercy believe me it was neither tender nor pretty i can assure you lol - but it worked - i was so fed up and just assumed that because my daughter had been 4 days early that i wouldn't go over due in a million years. Hope the sweep works it has for everybody i know whos had one when they were overdue. Lots of Luck.
    Jo xx
  • lol.. you crack me up!
    well theres no way im having any sort of sexual act the way i look and feel!!....
    hope my sweep does work!.. ill let you know
  • Didn't want to r and r...poor you, sounds so hard - best of luck it happens soon!! I bet your little boy thinks you're a fab mummy.
    Ames x
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