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Hi everyone,
Some of u mite remember that I posted bout 1half weeks ago bout my high blood pressure and been refered str8 to obstertricians as a result. Unfortunatley iv not got my appt til fri but in the mean time my bp has plumetted, to the point where im dizzy and have blurred vision in my rite eye. Everyone keeps telling me to get bac 2 the dr's (had bp checked @ chemist 99/60 both times) but i think that im been a bit of a hypercondriac, has anyone experienced anything similar, coz iv never suffered will low bp just high! k x


  • I would go back to your mw hun thats what they are there for xxx
  • Cheers girlies, i will book an appt on monday. I can tel this one is gona giv me jip, im only 7weeks and its already causing me problems ha ha ha k x
  • i never thought about low blood pressure,what do they class as low blood pressure? mine was 98/62,is that normal every antinatel iv been to its got lower it was 120/70 at first antinatel,i have been complaining about head aches, sickness, and dizzyness they said its nothin to worry about. i thought it was just high blood pressure that was worrying. x
  • Hi,

    Low blood pressure isn't such a concern but you do have to be careful about feeling dizzy etc and make sure you are eating properly to help with this. My blood pressure is normally 100/60 and it has fallen as low as 90/65 during this pregnancy but my midwife has just asked if I am feeling ok and told me to be aware of the fact I may feel faint at times.

    I would say to get checked out though as it is a big change to go from having high blood pressure to low blood pressure. May be nothing at all to worry about but as the others say thats what your GP and midwife are there for. xx

    Liz xx
  • I had low blood pressure through all of my pg and I used to stand up and feel really dizzy and everything went blurry for like 3 secs. My advice is dont have hot baths because i love them and when i had one i couldnt get out cos i lost all feeling in my body (if you've ever been paraletic drunk thats how i felt) and my head was spinning. And be careful not to stand up too quickly, i think i was worse than i would of been cos i had severe morn sickness and didnt eat a thing, i lost a stone within 4 wks in early pg! Like the others say keep an eye on it....Hope this helps x
  • My blood pressure was 104/45 to start with but has got as low as 70/46. Like Fiona, i had very severe sickness and was admitted to hospital.
    The dizziness is horrible isn't it, but like everyone says it's best to get up slowly and eat little and often.
    Good luck hun
  • Hi all, I've also had low blood pressure throughtout my pregnancy, last check at doctors was 80/47. Dr not too concerned about it, just have to be careful about falling down, lol. Like others have said, just get up slowly and eat little and often.

    As far as complications with pregnancy and blood pressure, I guess it's better to be low than high. Good luck kerry.

    Shell (36+1)
  • I can't really comment as mine's always more like 130/70 (midwife said this is normal...hmm! I thought it was high!) But def go back to doctors for some advice. They're not too worried about my fairly high bp said it was cos I'm stressed. x x x
  • Hi, I used to suffer with high blood pressure on medication, until I feel pregnant, then it dropped. I think you struggle more beacuse your body is used to coping with it so high. I was monotored at hospital and dt's throughout. On the plus side tho, I was told by my midwife that mothers that have had high blood pressure in the past usually deliver quickly. and this was certainly true for me. Good luck and resy lots, you have to give into it until your body adjusts. Take care Kelly x
  • Thanks everyone, not bin on for a few days as bin really busy with assignment deadlines at uni, no wonder my blood pressure is all over the place. Im at Dr's on fri to have bp checked and i have a telephone appt with midwive on mon (never had this last time just had booking in appt, how things change in just one year). Thanks agen everyone I will keep u posted on bp results. Kerry x
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