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Hiya hun,
Just quick question. I just noticed on a reply to a thread, you are 16 weeks today. We have the same due date and I'm somehow a day behind you? My ticker says 15+6 and also my scans have me at this date. What am I counting wrong. I would love to be day further on!


Cat xxx


  • I have no idea, when I first saw the midwife they always said that a Friday was when I went into the next week but if the baby is due on 8th August as they also say it would make more sense if im 16 wks tomorrow. Going by my dates I could have concieved Friday or Saturday so who knows! xx
  • It all gets quite confusing trying to keep track of dates! I guess I'll stick with saturday as I know we didn't conceive on the Friday, hubby spurned my advances! xxx

    Cat 15+6
  • I think also the online calculators and midwives take into account the lengths of your cycles. I will check with my midwife, im seeing her tonight.

    How funny that he spurned your advances, I remember it well, it was hard on those poor men having to perform on demand lol. I can remember we did it on the Friday. On the Saturday we had a night out at the boxing and I was driving and I told o/h not to drink too much as I was ovulating and we didnt want to harm the little fellas. Im sooo glad I said that. That month I decided to bd before my ovulation date so that the little fellas were there ready and waiting when the egg was released. Do you think that may mean Im having a girl as the girls swim slower but live longer but the boys swim faster and die sooner so the boys may have died before egg was released. Ill find out for sure Monday at my gender scan

  • I was 16 weeks yesterday, and my "changing to the next week" day is a Thursday. My EDD is the 6th August. I think the internet works it out as the 7th, but I have had three scans and the MW tell me that the date is the 6th

    16+1 x
  • We did the same! I knew hubby wanted a girl and we already a boy. So we bd for the week running up to ov to give the girl swimmers a head start lol! Bless him, he so was tired by the friday he just refused point blank! I think your having a girl! Good luck at your scan, i hope I guessed right! xxx
  • Hi mummy cat, when I went to see the midwife on Friday she dated me as 15+6 so your dating is correct. I'm going to go by what the midwives say and not what the online calculator says. The midwife goes by her litle circular chart and not by cycle length so Im happy with that.

    Georgie 16+2
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