nursery bedding....what have you decided on?

Hello ladies,

I was wondering what nursery bedding/collection you have all decided on?

Im currently researching what is avaliable and thought it would nice to see what theme everybody is having?
when i was a teeenager I've always liked humphrey but now im expecting im thinking maybe i should go for something more neutral like barnaaby button, alfie the giraffe or something. Haven't looked at prices yet, just the styles.

Look forward to reading what you have all gone

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  • Hi,

    I know it's very common but for years i've always said when I have a baby I want the classic winnie the pooh so I have the whole set!
    It is more expensive than some & there are some really gorgeous sets out there but I had my heart set on it so am delighted that I went for it in the end- just need the baby now!

    Lauren (36+5) xox
  • Iv had the meadow theme from mamas and papas which is quite neutral and i love it!!!
  • i got the zeddy and parsnip range from mamas and paps im yellow mad, sooohappy with it cant wait for little one to arrive to get using it.only 2 days left, fingers crossed
  • I'm going for the mille and boris range from mamas and papas.
  • Ours is going to be whinnie the pooh & friends too! Only because the house is full of whinnie teddys and 14 year old step daughter love them!
    Tammi xxx
    26 weeks

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  • I've got the ASDA one, think it might also be called ollie and mollie, creams and beiges, in sale at moment, but they don't do it in all stores.

    Em x
    27 weeks today!
  • Forgot to add, I've also been mixing it with certain items from the I love my bear range from babies r us, it goes great together.
  • hi we are going for a teddy theme but not sure what one yet.
  • i think we are going for the winnie the pooh aswell xxx
  • hi, we have gone for the linear zoo range from mamas and papas. I really like the bold colours of the animals against the neutral tones of the bedding.
  • Hi, we've gone for Barnaby Button from Mamas & Papas! Goes well with the nursery furniture we had selected and as we don't know if we're having a boy or girl, is pretty neutral!
    Sarah xx
  • thanks for all your replies. Its interesting to see what everybody has gone for.

    I really like the baranby button one but not sure if i can justify the price. going to search the internet to see if i can get it cheaper! Also liking alfie the giraffe as they are both neutral colours and we dont know what we are having.
  • hiya im having a boy and im getting a pale blue set with a truck / car pattern i saw in a small store down westend on the weekend, ive had to order it as they are handmade so im chuffed as its a one off. it wasnt too expensive but they way i see it its special you know. I can keep it as a memorys. well part of it
  • hi, we have chosen some cute bedding from www.vertbaudet. a little mouse character on bright pink and lime background and flower stickarounds/decorations on the walls. can't wait to decorate pale pink on one wall. chelle x
  • Lara, didn't realise we got the same set! We both must have good taste! My hubby picked it too...must be manly enough or something! It's so cute, especially coz it does have a bit of colour in it.
  • Hi

    I love all the winnie the pooh stuff so am hoping to go for that. Haven't started looking properly yet or discussed it with hubby, so we might fall in love with something else xx

  • Man, I have the memory of a sieve!!! Suppose it comes with the territory!
  • hia,we know that we are having a little girl so have bought the pretty in pink nursery range from babies r us but they have discontinued it now!!luckily i managed 2 get last bits off ebay!!
  • My parents have offered to pay for our bedding set now as we brought teh cotbed which was what they were planning on buying for us. We ahve gone for teh alfie the giraffe range by east coast...but we cant seem to find a crib set in the range....... My mother plans to pass the crib through the grandchildren so we arent overly bothered about not getting a crib set to match. I just presumed that most cot bedding sets had a matching crib set. I've now been proved wrong!

    Thanks for replying to this post...its interesting to see what everybody has gone for. I've only 10 weeks left...the weeks seem to have flown by image xxx
  • I'm looking to get some really bright bedding, haven't found one i like yet, but i have no taste in colours, i always go for the same old ones, so i thought i'd go mad and allow lo to choose their own favourite from a bright array! Looking for something unisex tho...will keep on looking x
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