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29 weeks and still not met my midwife?

Hi I'm just wondering how common that is. Especially since I had severe pre-eclampsia last time.


  • Nobody seemed to be able to tell me who it was. at 16 weeks was told I didnt have one. at 24 weeks the doctors said they were going to get one by the end of march. so I wonder? did she arrive:\?
  • That's awful!!!

    Who has been looking after you???

  • My doctors seen me twice and the hospital did my scans and double blood test. I was supposed to see my consultant on monday but I saw someone who knew nothing about me. I am meant to get weekly blood pressure checks from this week and the hospital were saying the surgery are meant to do it. (my doctor said the hospital were doing it.) In the end the doctor at the hospital arranged for the hospital to do it. Its very annoying. I had a scan on monday and never got a picture so I left in tears it was all very embarrassing
  • God, that is terrible!

    I had a lot of probs with midwive's when I first got pregnant and was passed around a bit.

    Then after booking appt with midwife she referred me to consultant at antenatal unit in hospital due to some medication I was on. He saw me once and said I was to be a community midwife led case as I was low risk. It then took me bloody ages to sort out an appt with community midwife at local surgery.

    Since then it's not been too bad, but can't say I am impressed with the midwive's. Only one that I have seen seemed genuinely interested, the other's couldn't give a toss and treat you like an inconvenience.

    Very frustrating, but not as bad as how you're being treated. Is there anyway you can raise an official complaint either through your local health authority or some other way??

    I hope things get resolved for you soon.

  • I joined an antenatal group last week and there is a midwife there. I didnt get chance to speak to her because a girl was having contractions at 32 weeks and the hospital had sent her home and she was sorting that out for her. Hopefully it will be sorted soon. I have to make an apptment for my 31wks at the surgery so I will know then. Sorry to hear about the problems you had. Have you been more anxious this time round?
  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

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