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Hi when did you all start to bloom and get your energy?? I am sure I read somewhere that in second trimester your ment to feel full of energy. I'm 17 weeks and on most days feel tired and cant really be bothered with anything. Not to mention hormones all over the place I dont think my moods have been this up and down since I was a teenager!!!

really looking foward to getting the sudden burst of energy and glowing skin and hair image

On a plus my bump has arived at last. I still dont think anyone would notice or give up a seat on bus for me but at least its starting! X


  • i didnt get the bloom im 28+5 now feel shattered most days but thats coz i cant get comfy at night so dont sleep very much i have backache i seem to get every bug going and have had 3 lots of colds and coughs in the last 6 months but hey only 79 days to go lol
  • I started to bloom at about 18 wks and hair and skin have both been good since then, but my energy levels seemed to drop as soon as I hit the third trimester. XXX
  • Sorry i'm sure a bore but I haven't bloomed at all! My energy levels have just gone from bad to worse but discovered the other week this was due to anaemia but the iron tablets made me sick so I am eating brocolli by the bucket load!

    My skin & hair are a real mess at the minute & I can't sleep between anxiety & discomfort due to the bump but only another few weeks to go!
    Lauren (35+2) xox
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