Lower back and hip pain?

Hi girls,

I am only 8 weeks and 4 days and for the last few days i have had a very painful lower back and pains in my hips? My hips feel bruised almost and i have no idea why, do you think it is something to do with being pregnant? I thought I would be way to early to get things like this?

K xxx


  • Hey huni - yes this is just everything stretching in your body to make way for that beautiful baby of yours. I am sorry to say it will continue for a while yet altho i found most aches/pains/cramps wore off at about 12weeks or maybe i just got used to them! Youll get all kinds of niggles all the way through tho and you wait til you start getting big and the stitches kick in - theyre a killer!!! I struggle doing EVERYTHING now and anything brings on bach/hip/tummy aches and pains. Even my legs and arms ache alot of the time and apparently its cos the hormone which your body releases in preg to soften your tummy muscles (to allow room for baby) also soften the rest of your muscles so the rest of your body suffers too.

    Just think itll all be worth it in the end tho xx

    Anna (32+3)
  • Thanks honey, I really thought this would kick in later, I have had cramps and feel achy all over, actually feel like I am coming down with something as I have been cold for the last week but the back pain is really sore and painful. The hip pain comes and goes but the lower back is not good.

    Had a nice bath though yesterday and that heped so hopfully that will ease it again tonight.

    K xx
  • Yea a bath always helps. Unfortunately it does kick in quite early but its a good sign cos your body is doing what its meant to be doing and stretching ready to make room for baby.

    You'll soon get used to this though. How is the tiredness? I found that really hard being at work but it wore off once i hit around 12-13 weeks.
  • OMG I am falling asleep all the time. Again I knew it made you tired even more but had no idea it would make me feel the way I have been. I just want to get home so I can get into bed. We have been moving stuff as well, I move on friday but had the keys since 20th and we have been doing trips over, it;s been really hard as I am not allow by hubby to lift most things and then the trips and packing is just wiping me out.

    K xx
  • hi k-lou. i kept getting lower back pain around your stage every now and then but kept googling and it reassured me as it said things were stretching. i would find that occasionally i would get very very sore hips in the night when i was lying on my side - i'd wake up suddenly and have to change side.

    hope you feel better soon xxx
  • I too didnt realise just how tired i would be - i prefer to call it extreme exhaustion rather than tiredness. Just sleep when you can hun! I used to be in bed by 8 or 9pm but struggled at work cos i couldnt even concentrate i was so tired. Its horrible too cos people dont know you are preg so they dont understand why you arent your usual chirpy self! I had a stash of ginger biscuits in my drawer too cos i felt sick all the time and i got some funny looks as to why i was eating them all the time!

    I promise it will pass though hun - it did take me a while to get into my honeymoon period and i thought it would never happen but its great when it does and you really start to enjoy being preg, getting a bump and baby starts to wriggle too so its amazing!

    Now im in my final weeks i feel huge and tired and baby keeps prodding me right in my ribs which makes me jump. He/she has already had hiccups twice this morning!
  • Thank you Mres E I am pleased to hear I am not the only one. Your right my hips hurt the most when i am asleep at night that it wakes me up, they just feel sore.

    Anna - I know what you mean, I have been in bed about 8 most nights, though it';s all exciting and I just can't wait to be a mummy I still can't believe this is all happening to me.

    How are you find the last part?? you scared at all? I just cannot wait to feel my baby move, thats the one things i am waiting for image

    K xx
  • I am getting nervous now. I think it started when we had our 1st antenetal class a couple of weeks ago and it dawned on me how close labour is now!!! Im more worried about that and my hubby is more worried about bringing the baby home. At the same time though I am so so excited and now the nursery is all done i love going in there and looking at the clothes and moses basket etc knowing that il be using it all soon.

    Pregnancy wise I feel big now and have had to ask hubby to help me put my socks on the last couple of days as its just so hard bending down! I get pretty uncomfy in bed too, even with a pillow under my bump for support. Some nights are still ok tho and its just the peeing that gets me up in the night.

    Honestly tho hun time flies by it really does and soon you'll be feeling that little one kick around. Its the most amazing thing ive ever experienced and i absolutely love it. Just cant wait to see what he/she looks like now!
  • Oh bless you, I know it's a scary time, I am no where near as far as you and think about the birth as well. I am going to look into having a water brith I have always heard such good things about it.

    I keep telling myself this is it and when it comes to it there is no way back so I have to just get there and do what I have to do LOL

    Do you know what you are having yet?

    K xx
  • I remember worrying abit about it in the early stages and i had loads of dreams where i left the baby in a shed and forgot about it - stupid i know! Then i was fine for ages and its only since these classes i have started worrying about pain releif etc and how il cope with everything.

    Im considering a water birth but seeing as il be going to Basildon Hospital ive heard they sometimes say no if they do not have enough staff to fill the pool up. The NCT classes talk about homebirths which sound wonderful but i just dont want to take the risk incase anything goes wrong.

    No we want to keep it as a surprise - we have finally chosen names though.....Jack Charlie for a boy and Bethany Mae for a girl. Do you think youll find out?

    I bet you cant wait til your scan on Sunday!!! I had to wait til 12 weeks and it almost killed me with worry so I think youve done the right thing!
  • Ahh they are wonderful names image Yes hubby and I have already said we would both like to find out which is very exciting. We like Matthew William for a boy and Rose Louise or Emma Louise for a girl though I bet you any money they will change.

    Home births are meant to be very good I have heard though if something is going to go wrong the MW's knows in time before it happens giving you time to get to the hospital quick time.

    I would love to do that though we rent so do not think that would be a good idea lol

    K xx

  • I think if you both decide thats lovely - I didnt want to know but then at the same time I am so impatient if hubby had said he wanted to know i would have agreed!! I just cannot wait to see and i love people guessing what itll be. Its funny too cos one day someone will say "oof you are carrying out front and are really big - must be a boy" and the next day someone says "ooh you are so neat and tidy and high up - must be a girl"!!!

    I think boy and hubby thinks girl so atleast one of us will be right! haha!

    Ah they are lovely names hun! If you are like us you will prob change them. We had the boys name from the start as its after both our grandads but weve been through many girls names and just couldnt find one we both agreed on. I love Bethany now tho so dont think itll change - itll be sods law we have a boy just because of all the time spent arguing over girls names!!
  • ha ha, well I think theey are both wonderful. William as the second name will be after my dad and also my great grandad.

    It's funny as I always thought I would not want to know but when we started to try both of us just said yes we want to know and so now we are finding out. Most people are shocled as it's our first and most people do not find out b ut I really want to image

    K xx

  • Its completely up to you guys if you want to know so dont listen to anyone hun. We both decided to keep it as a surprise but i think its also lovely (and very handy) knowing what you are having. At times like this you can get loads of stuff in the sales but I cant get anything because i want pink or blue and i dont know whch one to buy!
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