If I had a pound for every time I heard.....

Hi girls, I have 2 weeks left and don't mean to sound ungrateful but think I am going to stay indoors as I feel like a broken record.........

Sound Familiar to anybody else.....

Not long now.........( no, only been waiting 9 bloody months!!)

You not had it yet? ( yeah I had baby last week but decided not to say anything and this huge bump is
just weight gain!!)

Du know what your having yet? ( No since my 5 month scan of deciding not to find out the sex the baby
has decided to tell me itself!! )

How are you feeling? (Fine) REally?? (oh so I look like shit do I?)

Look at the size of you? (I am 9 months pregnant, whats your bloody excuse)

You sure theres only 1 in there? ( Du know what you must be right, after having 4 scans and untold
midwife appointments they forgot to tell me I was having twins)

You got everything ready? ( no I thought sod it, I'll wait til the baby is here and let it sleep in a box)

Sorry girls if I sound like a bitch as believe me I have loved being pregnant but this part is dragging and trust me I have to answer at least 3 of these questions every hour.

Katie and bambino.x x x


  • I know exactly what you mean!
    It's so frustrating and I still have 9 weeks to go!
    Why do people feel they have to comment?!!!

    31+2. xx
  • HA HA HA, I am with you there katie, all so drool now! Although in the first 3 months you'd love someone to notice and ask, hehehe no pleasing us pregnant women!

    Joanna 30 weeks 3 days
  • Katie - that's funny! Been asked all of the above numerous times and I just cannot tolerate stupid questions anymore!

    My favourite one (not) of the moment is in relation to my 4 year old - ooooh, someone's going to be jealous! Oh frig off - I'll deal with it when I have to - are you trying to depress me even more? Do I not look like I have enough to deal with without thinking about this as well?!

    Blimey - so early in the morning and I'm ranting!

    20 days to go
  • LOL Karen, I thought is it a bit early to post such a rant but thought I better air it before I go out as have a busy day and lots of places to go so am bracing myself for the questions.

    Totally know where you are coming from with the 4 year old comments...I get asked... Is Sam excited, du think he'll feel left out...I reply, why don't you ask him yourself that way he won't feel left out!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • lol, Katie, im with u. U go shopping and its awww how long u got, bet ur excited arent u bless. Old people asking can i touch the bump, no u bloody cant, why do people find it necessary to comment and touch. The comments like your having a girl/boy, like they can tell by a bump in a tshirt, bloody people do my head in lol
    The only good thing is when queuing up people sometimes say, you want to go in front, im sure they will worry ill give birth there and then lol xxx
  • Not sleeping? Ah, thats just getting you ready for when lo arrives.

    You don't like being pregnant, wait till you have a screaming baby here.

    Have you picked any names? Yes, and I'm not going to share them, which usually gets a pissed off look.

    And my fave of the mo, are you having lots of sex to get it started? Yeah, cos how I want the day to continue is for you to have a mental image of my big hippo size attempting to have sex, purely with the intention of getting labour started. I haven't had sex for 3 months at least, not gonna suddenly be in the mood now!!

    Mel 15 days and blinking counting!!
  • when you have a toddler aswell as being pregnant its always

    how will you cope? ( i will...i have to)

    your'e gonna have your hands full!! (no shit sherlock)

  • Lol you made me laugh as it sounds just like my day when i go to school, the same people ask the same questions it drives you mad and if one more persons says ohhhh theres more than 1 in there im gonna scream, but i had to put up with it all last year when pg with leo and again now arggggghhh
    They keep asking how long left now only a day or so since you last asked!
    vikki xx
  • Great post Katie
    I've just laughed my head off!
    Enjoy your day!
    Em x
  • SOOOOOO funny! haha and sooo true! x
  • I know exactly what you mean and Im not nearly as far gone as you....people keep telling me its not long now and Im like ''actually-yes it is, Ive got over two months yet and Im already huge-which Im not going to forget because people like you keep reminding me''
    Im really getting fed up of just smiling and laughing when people say ''you sure theres not more then one-one could have been hiding'' or ''yeah its def a boy, you can tell by the way your carrying'' (yes and also by the fact that I told you the other day that its a boy)

    What really got me the other day was some bloke telling me that if I shake my belly he'll go mad and start moving all over the place....which was ok, but when I said actually he just ignors anything like that-he tends to move if I lay down or if I poke him in just the right place I was told I was wrong and that if I shake my belly he'll wake up.......wth-I never realised some bloke I havent seen for months and who I really couldnt give a toss about knows more about how my unborn baby reacts to things then I do


  • You know a really scary thought though? We'll probably be asking these stupid damn questions after we have our babies and we see pregnant women! Along the lines of - oh you think pregnancy's hard - wait til the baby comes....'!

    And of course, don't forget to tell pregnancy women the goriest, scariest bits about childbirth!

  • lol poor you! I went 17 days overdue with my daughter and people kept asking me if I'd had it yet! I was like well what do you think...I actually stopped venturing outside after a while!
    Lol never heard of shaking a belly waking a baby up! Surely wont do the baby any good?!
  • it is annoying isnt it!my waters went on tuesday n i keep gettin people saying "how long,mustn be too long now?" n im like yea my waters went on tues just w8in now n u get millions of stories of how they thought u just had ur baby as soon as ur waters go n im like yea i wish!!also gettin millions of txts phone calls e-mails,i dnt mean to sound ungreatful to people either but it duz get frustrating dnt it!!! hanna xx
  • Haha, how would that bloke now, or did he try it last time he was pregnant! Honestly, why does everyone feel the need to comment! x


  • Exactly-I wish blokes would just keep their opinions away from my uterous (sp?)
    I feel really guilty now Im going through it myself though because I did used to comment on my sister and how big her bump was-I never realised how annoying it was. I kept clear through the last few weeks though-she'd told me how she was fed up of phone calls just asking her if she'd had the baby yet-so I tried to text her to see how she was and how her daughter was but not mention anything much about the baby and if there was any sign...that kinda back fired though-we had a text convo that lasted for about an hour until she told me that she'd gone into labour that morning lol


  • Have loved reading all your replies girls.....made me really chuckle....think this post has helped a few of us let off some steam.....

    Katie and bambino.x x x

  • I to am getting sick of the broken record comments my conversations tend to follow this pattern:

    Oh how long have u got left?

    Seven weeks

    My god are u sure theres not two in there?

    Yes quite sure (smile, nod politely and try and walk away before the next comment comes and u explode)

    Well ur huge! / Ur big aren't u? (And there it is)

    Thanks for that, now would u like this 20p so u can use the payphone and go and tell sumone who gives a shit. Im pregnant wats ur excuse fatty!

    Phew, had to get that off my chest i even had sumone at it today while minding my own business in the bank paying a bill, im just gona start telling people that im due "today", then maybe the other comments wnt follow, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • The bloke at the petrol station has just made my day......
    While queuing to pay I had the usual stares etc and when it came to paying I just looked at him and said don't bloody ask!! ( i'm a regular so kinda know each other)
    He said oh dear whats up? I explained all of the above like hearing it all 100 times and he said heres one I bet you havn't been asked.......

    Is it yours???

    It wasn't that funny but I burst out laughing coz I thought 10 outta 10 for effort!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • "Is it yours?" thats actually quite funny...well is it? Kerry xxx

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