does anyone know?

hiya beautiful bumps erm just a quick question. my health visitor has just rang to book a visit at home just wondering what happens am due in 30 days cant wait!


  • I wud say it was unusual for the health visitor to have any contact with u until after the baby is born. I wasnt even assignment a health visitor until Rhys was 10days old and the midwives passed us on. But anyway at the first visit with baby they do lots of physical checks, weigh baby and have a general chat with u and any concerns that u have. Kerry xxx
  • My health visitor came round a couple of weeks before Millie was due just to introduce herself and give me some leaflets about breast feeding and local mother and baby groups and stuff. She also gave me Millie's red book (baby's health record) so I had it ready to take into hospital. I guess the procedure varries depending on area.
  • My health visitor (moody sour faced b***h)LOL came round and just had a chat about my feelings, OH feelings, what I wanted i labour....then as she left she passed wind and made my lounge smell, and pulled the door shut so hard she pulled the knob off!! LOL!! Its only a chat so nothing to worry about!!
  • Must be in areas where they don't have a million women a day to see! I've never had this before, but have always given birth in central london which is probably why!

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