Its stopped!!!

im soooo annoyed i had contractions for half a day got all excited and relieved thinking this was it and it wud all be over now and then they stopped im now 40 + 7 and completely fed up!! im sick and tired of being so uncomfy all the time!!! i have to go in on friday for a check up so they can decide if ill be induced the next day on the saturday or the following tuesday i told oh if they say the tuesday ill seriously cry and refuse to leave!!! lol!!



  • oh hun sorry to hear that i know how frustrating it is i had 40 hours of contractions last time they stopped halfway through then started again so there is time yet! stomp your feet and plead insanity if they dont induce you! xxx
  • Hi,

    Have they checked to see if you are dilated at all? I was like this with my first pregnancy and I had regular contractions but wasn't in any pain. I was already 4cm dilated when I went to get checked out, then the contractions stopped so I came home and they started properly again 4 days later and my little boy turned up in only a few hours.

    It certainly sounds like it won't be long now for you anyway xx
  • No not been checked to see if i am dialated should they have done??but down below feels really swollen n big lol sorry tmi lol!!!
  • No they don't always don't worry, I live in Norway so they probably do things differently over here.

    Don't be too disheartened though, things may be progressing without you realising it. x
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