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I had chicken stir fry last night but could not eat it so have brought it in for lunch, would it be ok to reheat just to warm it up?

K xx


  • oh im not too sure. i dont think they recommend re-heating any kind of chicken, but wether it would harm you if you did i dont know. so im not much help really, sorry hun xxx
  • was the chicken fresh or frozen?
  • Oh i dont know actually, thought you werent supposed to reheat chicken, but it should be ok if its piping hot all the way through? Sorry not much help is it!
  • It was frozen chicken I have done it before and it's been fine just wanted to make sure it would not be a problem while preg. It would only be to warm it up as its already been cooked?

    K xx
  • I think as long as its piping hot its fine. I used to bring in leftover chilli, lasagne etc for lunch and have had no problems with it. x
  • Wicked thanks love, how are you, I have not spoken to you in ahes look at your pic sooo cute!!

    K xx
  • I ate chicken fajitas for lunch yesterday that were leftover from Sunday night. When the chicken & vegs etc. had cooled completely, I popped it in the fridge in a tubberware tub. Re-heated it yesterday until absolutely piping and sizzling hot and it was fine.

    I hadn't realised there were some dangers in doing this, but aren't worrying too much as I know the meat was fully cooked and properly re-heated.

    It was frozen too.

    Joo xxx
  • Thanks Joo i did not think it would be a problem and though actually would it, you can't do anything now without being careful LOL

    k XX
  • I was just going to say as long as its pipping hot then your fine

  • We're good thanks, feeling the baby move regularly now which I love! Found out on Friday that we're having a boy!

    How are you? Relieved after your early scan I bet! Do you have a date for your NHS one yet? x
  • I would do it, but I am quite lax about these sort of things. Like the others say make sure it's piping hot, but I don't see any reason why it would cause you any problems.
  • Well I could not eat it, took one bite made me feel sick so just ate the noddles LOL

    Goonie - wow a boy thats wonderful newsimage How exciting now you can get a name and all that sorted out. We are going to find out as well.

    The 9 weeks scan has really relaxed me I just feel so much better knowing we saw the heart beating and the fact I still feel rubbish is making me feel better about it all.

    Not yet have to see the a new doctor this thursday as I have moved and then he will send a letter off and then will have to wait till the MW contacts me for my booking in app and then after that they will contact me re the scan. I reckon I will be waiting weeks.

    K xx

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