Not a nice question......

Hi ladies
This is my second time around, and both times my symptoms have not been sickness, but diahorrea (or however you spell it!) This is not listed as a normal symptom, but i've had it both times and one of my friends did too. Has anyone else experienced this - or am i just a bit odd?! ;o)


  • Yeah, I have this...well I swing from loose to constipated and back again and I haven't had any sickness either!


  • Yep, I didn't get it with my 1st pregnancy, but I'm getting it a lot now!! I had sickness 1st time round so maybe you either get one or the other!! I don't which is worse!!
  • eya girls this is what I have had with both pregnancies it continued after my first and has come back with avengance this time round, they have said Ive got IBS! which alot of pregnant women get , i'm not saying you have this at all but if it gets really bad go to see docs.... but being pregnant they can't give you anything catch 22!! ope you all feel okay and it doesn't effect your pregnany or daily routine xxxx
  • Yep, I had both this time around, I couldnt eat anything without it making me ill. i suffer with IBS , but the general symptoms I suffer clear up during pregnancy. It did stop by about 14-16wks though.

  • I swing from going once a week to once an hour at the minute too!!
    I knew constipation was a symptom but not the other!
    I haven't had any sickness either - maybe this is our version!

  • hiya

    i also have this as a symptom! Like some of the other ladies sometimes its fine and other times its worse! The annoying thing is there doesnt seem to be any link to what im eating!

    glad im not the only one xxx
  • yeah i've got this some times i don't go for days then when i do go i'm running back and forwards. I've not been sick but feel very sick. I have found anything containing onions makes me worse but don't know what else. I've never heard of it either just that constipation can be a problem. I already have a son and i can't remember being like this with him.
  • ive had this as well! it must be a replacement for sickness cause i havent been sick once lol x
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