baby night light

i may need to get one of these as our touch lamp although very light is still bright enough to wake OH when feeding in middle of night.can anyone recommend a good one? not too expensive just nice and simple,so doesnt wake baby or OH,but can see in pitch black room!


  • We've got one of these in each of our lo's bedrooms.
    It gives out just the right amount of light to be able to see to feed but isn't too bright to sleep, Milie has her's on all night as a nightlight. They're not especially cheap but it should last ages, they are rechargeable and don't get hot so they can be used as a torch when you get to potty training as well. The link is for a rabbit but they come in different animals, we have a dog and a panda.
  • You can get them little ones that you plug into a socket, they are bright enough. We used one for my dad at the bottom on the stairs so he could see when he got up for an early shift. Think you can get them from Robert Dyas, quite common in do it all type shops.
  • After a lot of deliberation we just put up some dim fairy lights (in the shape of little bees - though I guess that's optional image ). As they're such a soft light they won't startle the baby but are bright enough to see by in our little nursery to feed etc.

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  • Just looked via google for , lots of different one, stay on all the time or you can switch it to sensor, different prices to even some for children. Just type plug in lights and hey bingo loads to choose from. Ebay have twin packs nice and cheap.

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  • I've got the calpol night light in my los nursery, it is a blue glow and just right to be able to check on him. You can also add a small insert that gives off vapour to help clear a snuffly nose if they get a cold which I have found really useful. Nice and small to travel with too so we can take it with us when we go to grandparents etc. x
  • i have the growbag egg which has a slight night light about it but not enough to see what im doing i dont think.
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